"Would letters with bullets reach us if we proposed privatizing Health and Education?"

Firmness and courage. These are the two letters of presentation with which Pablo Iglesias has claimed this Thursday in Leganés the vote for United We Can on May 4. The United Podemos candidate in the elections to the Community of Madrid has reviewed in a ceremony at the José Monleón theater in the southern municipality of the region some of the "difficult" decisions that, he has said, Podemos has taken since its foundation. "If we are within the Government there will be firmness and courage to do what needs to be done" and "not to allow the enemies of democracy to take it away from us again," he promised. Therefore, he said, they receive death threats: "Would letters with bullets reach us if we proposed to privatize Health and Education?"

Pablo Iglesias warns that the "Trumpism of Ayuso and Vox will undermine the foundations of freedom and democracy"

Pablo Iglesias warns that the "Trumpism of Ayuso and Vox will undermine the foundations of freedom and democracy"

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"To win to the right, you need firmness and courage," Iglesias said before the two hundred long people who attended the event, in which he was accompanied by Pablo Echenique, Isa Serra, Alejandra Jacinto, Vanessa Lillo and Julio Rodríguez, among others. The United We Can candidate has defended that the threats and attacks that he himself has suffered for "years" are the result precisely of not having yielded in his positions and of, he has argued, having closed the way so that the PSOE could agree on his right .

"They have always opened doors for us not to be so firm," he explained. "They told us, 'if you allow a government of the PSOE and Citizens, you will see how the editorials change and we speak well'. We said no," he added. "And after seeing Ciudadanos in the photo of Colón and supporting the governments of the PP with the extreme right, we were right and those who said it made sense to give a government to the PSOE with Ciudadanos were wrong. Now the PSOE can only agree with the left, there are no other options. That is good for Spain and has to do with the fact that we were firm, "he concluded.

"For making proposals that do not remain on paper, and for fighting from the Government to implement them, fascism appears as a danger to democracy," said Iglesias, who has asked himself: "Would letters with bullets reach us? If we propose to privatize Health and Education? If we defend the interests of the great real estate powers and the vulture funds? If we play the ball with the big companies that own the newspapers and televisions of this country? ". "Fascism is the right wing when they realize that they can lose power," has been answered.

"If we govern Madrid, what is left for the right?" Iglesias insisted. "That is why the fascists, the threats and the hoaxes arise. To convince us that we do not deserve to do this. To destroy us personally because they cannot destroy us politically. Because we are closer to showing that this country can be transformed," he said.

Ayuso's "frivolity"

Pablo Iglesias has also attacked the PP candidate, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, whom he reminded that he has pending to fulfill a promise he made during the Telemadrid debate.

The United We Can candidate has attacked Ayuso for what she understands as "freedom." "Only a frivolous person who does not understand what it is to grow up in a house without economic and cultural resources can have the indecency to say that freedom is to drink a beer or not find your ex," said Iglesias, who explained that "in democracy "freedom is" being able to have public services, that the son of a family of workers from Leganés, grandson of illiterate farmers, can go to university, and his parents and grandparents feel proud of his title thanks to public education " .

"How can those who boast of noble titles or those that give them university master's degrees speak of effort?" "How can a lady speak of effort who makes her Sarasola a luxury apartment and who promised to show the bill? We want to see Sarasola's bill, Mrs. Ayuso! ", he added, to resume the comparison of the concepts of freedom that would differentiate United We Can from the PP." What is freedom? Is freedom let Sarasola put a flat for you and buy you two PSOE deputies with the tamayazo or Citizens in Murcia? Go to the Real Madrid box to do dirty business with those who finance the campaign? ¿Skip the law to sell you a painting to the Marquis de Villar-Mir? ", has raised.

Iglesias has concluded his plea with a message to his allies on the left, especially the PSOE, in case of achieving a victory that he believes is possible. "And then we can't be asleep for two years," he said. The government that emerges from the 4M "has to be a demonstration every week that there is a government of the left. And that it is noticeable in Leganés, in Getafe, in Vallecas, in Villaverde and in the Henares Corridor. And that the people also notice it. who have a net worth of more than one million euros, the fathers and mothers who take their children to public school ", he added.


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