Worrying about Electricity Bills? Save Huge Money with Budget Solar Power Stations

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The UK has recorded its biggest price hike in energy bills ever known. You can counter the price hike in electricity costs by purchasing a budget portable solar power station normally used for camping and RVs.

You may have had a notification from your electricity provider telling you that your bill has increased by 54% or more. The energy cap from Ofgem has increased by 54% but that doesn't mean that your bill will be topped at a 54% rise, you could face increases of almost 80%. The 54% set is not necessarily the price you will pay in the increase, especially if you were on a low cost plan. The 54% is the increase energy companies can charge on a certain level that could be well above your old plan, meaning you could end up paying more than 80% higher bills.

Don't stress too much, it is bad news but you can counter this increase by purchasing a couple of budget portable solar power stations. In the UK, solar power works perfectly fine, even on a cloudy day. Solar panel technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the years and you don't need to be in a hot place to produce green, free energy.

Solar Power Station is a new website based in the United Kingdom that offers some really useful ideas, guides and links to the best portable solar power stations you can buy at the lowest prices in the UK. You can also calculate how long any device will work from a portable solar station.

The idea is to charge and run some of your less powerful devices via a portable solar power station accumulating the saving needed to offset the price hike and it can easily be done. For example, a Macbook Pro uses around 60 watts of energy per hour, at 60p per kWh, running and charging the Macbook 24 hours a day would cost you £30 a month on average. Charging a standard mobile phone costs around 7p if it took 4 hours to charge adding £2.10 to your bill. Boiling a kettle 10 times a day at 1500 watts adds a further £4. A hairdryer for 20 minutes per day adds a further £9. A standard domestic fridge costs £72 per month. A 900 watt microwave at 1 hour a day is a further £31 per month. By powering those devices with a 2000 watt portable solar power station with a 2000Wh battery would save you £148.10 every month!

With portable solar power stations you can benefit hugely from free energy, even on cloudy days, Monocrystalline Solar Panels have very high efficiency. Using 4 x 120 watt solar panels and a high wattage, high Wh (watts per hour) portable power station, such as the BLUETTI AC200MAX 2200W you can generate enough free, green electricity to save over £150 per month. Best thing is, being portable, you can take it camping, use it for emergency backups to power almost any domestic appliance alongside saving lots of money on your bills. You will need to fork out just under £3k for this type of setup but the return on investment will soon pay back, especially since it has been announced there will be further energy price increases in October.

Many people who rent are turning to portable solar power stations because they are portable and less expensive than paying for insulation or a full home solar powered system that costs £10s thousands. If you rent, your landlord is not responsible for saving money on your consumable bills. Rather than upgrade rented accommodation that you may have to leave at any time, take the upgrade with you no matter where you go and always have access to free electricity no matter where you are!

Here you will find Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Solar Power Stations that may help you decide on what you should do for the near future or if it is feasible for you to go out and purchase a portable solar power station.