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With some dark circles on the back, faces of paying for the jet-lag after returning to Japan, but with the thanks for the flag. That's how they appeared Almudena Rodríguez and Silvia Navarro, Spanish handball players, by the Presidency headquarters of the Government of the Canary Islands, where its maximum position, the president Angel Victor Torres, wanted to transfer and represent the satisfaction for the conquest of world silver.

"They are a good part of the quarry handball that is done in our land, in Las Remudas, for example. We have all been able to enjoy with them a historic final. And to send a message as president of the Canary Islands Government: we are very happy and honored to that there are women who represent our land and our country getting the highest awards, "said Torres.

In addition, the Canarian president stressed that this achievement is in "women's sport". "We have to support him to the fullest. They are real heroines in our country. We all enjoy them and there is a lot of future ahead," he added.

Along with Ángel Víctor Torres was also Manolo López, general director of sports, in an act that was attended by Blas Parrilla, president of the Canarian Handball Federation, and Antonio Moreno, founder and president of the Rocasa Gran Canaria of Las Remudas, Valencian team Silvia Navarro and trainer of Almudena Rodríguez and María Núñez, who did not return to the Island after the World Cup.

"It has been a very busy day. On Monday, when we landed in Barajas, we began to be more aware of what was achieved and everything that had been organized with this silver in the World Cup. At the beginning we had that bittersweet taste after the end, but now we value much more the effort that has meant having this silver hung on the neck. It's wonderful, "said Silvia Navarro, goalkeeper of the 'Warriors' and true legend of the national handball.

The next step

Spain went to the World Cup in Japan with the aim of finding one of the places that were put into play for the four pre-Olympics that will be held in March with the intention of finding a place for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

"We have played powerful rivals. We already know two of the World Cup, such as Sweden and Senegal. Our goal was to reach the pre-Olympic and from there to Tokyo. It is true that the expectations were not to go for a medal. He did so and we reached a final that was surprising even for us, "added the goalkeeper of the Teldense club, which has in its account four of the five medals that the women's national team has achieved in history. "There my family have them at home like gold cloth. The truth is that it is a great pride," said the goalkeeper.

For its part, Almudena Rodríguez, who returned to Telde to recharge the batteries before rejoining the German Thüringer ranks, he reiterated the "very great satisfaction" what this silver has meant for the group. "Taking this medal means the result of the effort we have made for a long time. We deserved it," said the right back, chosen as the best player in the semifinal match against Norway.

"Now we continue. We have to win a place for the Olympic Games. The tournament was perfect. It has been a dream for everyone," insisted Almudena Rodríguez, a show of power that has reached the handball factory in Las Remudas.


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