World Rugby confirms the sanction and leaves the XV del León without a World Cup

The Spanish celebrate their classification after beating Portugal. / Eph


The decision of the international body is final and unappealable

Victor Borda

World Rugby stands firm. The appeal of the Spanish Rugby Federation (FER) has not changed the sanction imposed one iota: Spain will not play the World Cup in France due to the improper alignment of player Gavin Van der Berg. What has been gained in the field is again parked due to the issue of eligibility. The sanction is final and unappealable. The XV de León is out of the possibility of playing a World Cup for the second time. The recidivism in this matter, something that happened four years ago and that left the Spanish without options to participate in the World Cup held in Japan, has been key so that World Rugby has not had mercy with the appeal presented by the FER. A sanction that leaves the patriotic oval very touched.

Once the issue of the appeal has been resolved, it is time to clean up the Spanish Federation. It's time for departures and resignations. Alfonso Feijoo, head of the FER, already announced after knowing the sanction that he planned to resign as well as his board once the sanction was channeled to Alcobendas, the offending club by falsifying the passport of the South African striker, and to the material authors of the same, as well as the response to the appeal filed by the federative body before World Rugby. It will then give way to a manager who will start the electoral process that should be held in the coming months. It is clear that the cleaning must be important and serve for the FER to finally enter the 21st century. It is time for new times, although they were also in the previous elections and some of those who today shout against Feijoo and his board of directors were the ones who stabbed the current of change headed by Juan Carlos Martín 'Hansen'.

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