World premiere of "El Médico" tonight in Madrid

World premiere of "El Médico" tonight in Madrid

The Nuevo Apolo Theater lives the last hours before the premiere, which will be one of the best musicals in our country. The Doctor arrives in Spain and does it in a big way in one of the most emblematic theaters of the capital. At the front of the stage direction is José Luis Sixto, Francesc Abós as director and choreographer, Alfons Flores as set designer or the magician Jorge Blais as magical effects designer. The costumes have been designed and made by the famous Lorenzo Capriles for the occasion.

The artistic cast is made up of 41 actors, with its protagonists, Sofía Escobar, Adrián Salcedo, José Moreno, Alain Damas and Ricardo Truchado, who together with an orchestra of 20 musicians will transport the viewer from 11th century London to the magical world of Persia , in the musical adaptation of one of the most popular books in the world. The Doctor is presented as an impeccable literary adaptation by the playwright Félix Amador.

In addition, the main themes of the musical have been recorded on a CD for sale with live music from the London Symphony Orchestra and with Kevin Killen, famous international producer who has worked with great artists such as U2, David Bowie or Shakira and for which Jobs has been recognized with eight Grammy awards. One more commitment to the quality that has permeated the entire creation process.

A unique staging

The Teatro Nuevo Apolo has been completely transformed to host the world premiere of the musical 'El Médico'. The great stage design designed by Alfons Flores has turned the stage, through an automated turntable of more than 11 meters, in the London of S. XI, the desert of Persia or the magical world of Ispahan, scenarios where the story takes place of the protagonist, Rob J. Cole.

Almost 15,000 kg of scenography, with 3 rings that move independently, in a complex assembly process that has required an important previous planning and in which the stage, comb or upper part have been converted to the pit orchestra, eliminating a large part of the elements of the scene that had not touched for years. A large scaffold of 20 meters served as the basis to assemble the structure of a large embouchure, which together with a dune of 2,000 kg will be the great letter of presentation of the musical and the most visual elements of the set design, which has been built in Italy.

Along with the scenography, the size of the costumes, has been another of the great challenges of 'The Doctor'. Lorenzo Caprile has faced one of the most ambitious projects of his career, designing more than 300 pieces of costumes, full of elements and details according to each era, with authentic clothing brought from Morocco, Turkey or Iraq. Caprile and her team of more than 30 people have worked hand in hand with the choreographer to look for the comfort of the actors as well as the spectacularity, taking into account that some actors have about twenty changes of costumes during the show.

A monumental project with an investment of more than 4 million euros, the first overproduction in the world of musical theater with a Spanish label and born in Spain for the rest of the world, with a clear objective: "Beyond that it is a beautiful story Any artist wants the receiver to get excited, and that is what we have tried, to look for that emotion, to search in a subjective way the message of Noah and pass it on to objectivity, to achieve that in the same way that the audience was excited reading The doctor now gets excited listening to him, "says Iván Macías, composer and musical director.


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