July 29, 2021

World League: Boycott a Spain-Israel of women's water polo in Barcelona | sports

World League: Boycott a Spain-Israel of women's water polo in Barcelona | sports

The women's water polo teams from Spain and Israel have a match on Tuesday. The match corresponds to the second day of the World League. But this Monday it was not yet known where it was going to be disputed. Although the scenario planned for the collision was the facilities of CN Molins de Rei, in Barcelona, ​​those responsible have preferred to deny both teams the municipal pool due to the pressure of the Catalan group Boycott of Israel (BDS) and the CUP.

The extreme left political party supports the campaign against Israel promoted by BDS Catalonia. And between both they propitiated that the organizers of the meeting resigned to celebrate the party in the Barcelonan locality by reasons of security and before the threat of disturbances.

The reason why Spain and Israel will not play in the pool of Molins de Rei is the same for which the meeting was still on Monday without location. The last possibility considered by the Spanish Federation (RFEN) was the celebration of the match at the High Performance Center (CAR) of Sant Cugat, although the last decision will be taken by the security officers.

The organizers raised the possibility that the match was played on the day and at the scheduled time, at 20.45, but at the Sant Jordi pool in Barcelona. Although the announcement of a concentration of the BDS under the slogan "You are not welcome", in reference to the Israeli water polo team, and the pressure exerted by the CUP in the Barcelona City Council forced, again, to change plans.

Petition to Colau

The municipal councilor of the CUP-Capgirem, Eulàlia Reguant, made a request to the municipal government that Ada Colau directs so that it does not cede the facilities of Sant Jordi. "The sports teams are tools of national construction, and in the case of Israel it is a national construction forged by blood and fire in colonized territory," said Reguant. In addition, the CUP called to participate in a protest action organized by groups of support to the Palestinian people for the "level of total oppression" that exerts on them the state of Israel, said Reguant.

Last week, the Barcelona of basketball received the Maccabi of Tel Aviv in the Palau Blaugrana in a match corresponding to the fifth day of the Euroleague. Some Palestinian flag appeared on the court, but the confrontation developed with total normality.

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