Workshop 'Tiziri and the treasure island' of the Casa de Colón

Workshop 'Tiziri and the treasure island' of the Casa de Colón

Image of an edition of the workshop 'Tiziri and the treasure island' in the Casa de Colón / house of columbus

The Casa de Colón is transformed into a treasure island to celebrate International Children's and Youth Book Day on Saturday, April 2

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The Casa de Colón becomes a treasure island thanks to the workshop for families that takes place on Saturday,
April 2, at 12:00 p.m..
'Tiziri and Treasure Island' sets out to discover the great adventure of Tiziri, a character created by Chema Hernández,
accompanying Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to America.

The activity, which coincides with the celebration of the
International Children's and Youth Book Dayit needs
advance registration required from March 28 to 31. It is necessary to send an email with the data of the interested persons to the Department of Education and Cultural Action: [email protected]. Participating families are invited to collaborate with a contribution of non-perishable food that will go to the Food Bank of Las Palmas.

The educational team of the Americanist museum has proposed to transform the Casa de Colón into a treasure island,
with maps, enigmatic texts, pirates and riddles to decipher. It will be a fun search, in which the families are the protagonists and they will have to overcome several tests that will take place throughout the museum rooms, to finally discover where the treasure is hidden. To do this, they will have the help of Tiziri, one of the 'jiribillas' who live in the museum, fantastic characters who live in the Casa de Colón and who have left some clues for the search to be successful.

Tiziri will be in charge of teaching the participating families some navigation tricks and, incidentally, will share with them her passion for the sea, boats and books. She is also the protagonist of the book
'Tiziri and the Admiral. An adventure of the Jiribillas'by the author Chema Hernández, edited by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

This activity is an adaptation of 'Treasure Island',
a reading encouragement workshop available at the Casa de Colón, and which is now offered for families in a
discovery gamea fun way to tour the museum as a family.

The writer Chema Hernández, author of 'Tiziri and Treasure Island' at the Casa de Colón /

house of columbus

'Tiziri and the admiral'

This children's book, the work of
Chema Hernandez, edited by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, is starring those magical and tiny beings that have lived in the museum since ancient times, the so-called jiribillas of the Casa de Colón. Tiziri, whose name means 'moonlight', is a little jiribilla in love with the sea who dreams of sailing on a boat and sailing the oceans.

Tiziri, together with Don Recuerdo, la Brinco and la Alpispa, star in this
fantastic story that narrates the adventure of the little jiribillawhich takes advantage of the scale of the famous Admiral Christopher Columbus in Gran Canaria to sneak into one of his ships and live the great feat of crossing the Atlantic and reaching the New World.

The beautiful illustrations, which recall the Real de Las Palmas when Columbus made a stopover in Gran Canaria on his way to America, his journey by sea and his ships, as well as the American lands where he landed, are by
Jaime Czech.

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