June 21, 2021

“Working on the filming of the Rolling Stones video has been touching the sky” – La Provincia

On July 9, the Rolling Stones launched Criss Cross, an unreleased track review of a song recorded in 1972 that was accompanied by a video clip that was shot in Ibiza, as well as in the megacities of London and New York.

Unconditional admirers of ‘their satanic majesties’, Raúl Novella and Eduardo de Miguel, from Ibiza Producciones, are the two professionals from the island who have had the fortune to participate in this project, directed by Diana Kunst, a young Spanish filmmaker who has worked also for Rosalía and Madonna.

“Never in my life would I have dreamed of making a video for the Stones. With this we have touched the sky,” says De Miguel. The opportunity was provided by Mario Forniés, from Blur Films. “You have to do the local production for me for a Rolling Stones video,” he had told her on the phone just a few weeks earlier. He immediately felt an overwhelming joy and some pressure, “it was a great responsibility.” His mission was to be to take care of logistics and locations in Ibiza.

To carry out what came to be referred to as “the master plan” he contacted Novella, who became his “executive arm.” The Catalan, who lives on the island of Ibiza, was with the four members of the film crew 24 hours a day, including Kunst and the model Marina Ontanaya, alias Guindilla, the absolute protagonist of the Stones video. He acted as a conductor and provided them with everything they needed, from a guitar to a watermelon, to a sunset.

The experience, remember, was “incredible.” He was “shocked” by the way of working of “this new generation”, far from “the old school”. “There was no strict planning when recording. They played with what they felt at the time and there was room for improvisation,” she explains. The result, for Novella, exudes “creativity and artistic freedom.”

Eduardo de Miguel speaks enthusiastically about Diana Kunst’s work and goes into the technical details. “Everything it does is analog and then it goes digital. It uses an Arri 16mm camera,” he says. She also praises Ontanaya, “she is very nice and very spontaneous and stonian, totally rocker”.

Filming in Ibiza took place between June 29 and July 3. The team filmed in many locations on the island, including the Santa Eulària road, Platges de Comte, sa Cala de Sant Vicent, es Pouetó, Aigües Blanques and the ponds of ses Salines. In addition, there is the house that Kunst has rented on the island, the Romeo’s hotel, in Sant Antoni, and Los Enamorados, in Portinatx.

The extra dog

During the recording there were sympathetic anecdotes such as the spontaneous intervention of a dog, which appears swimming with the main model in Platges de Comte. De Miguel and Novella also reveal that Diana Kunst makes a cameo at the end of the video clip. She appears with Ontanaya, with whom she maintains a great friendship, diving into the sea while the sunset shines in the background.

De Miguel is very grateful to Forniés and Kunst for giving Ibiza Producciones the opportunity to participate in this production. “At last I have left reggaeton and I have entered the delicious rock and roll”, he comments with a smile on his mouth.


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