Workers with covid may request automatic discharge and discharge

The Department of Health of the Valencian Community has accepted the employer's proposal and has agreed on the automatic registration of workers with coronavirus.

The president of the Valencian Business Conference, Salvador Navarro, explained at the end of the meeting that he held this Wednesday with the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, that the discharges "will be automatic".

Workers may go to the health center or "to the pharmacy or laboratories" that will introduce "the information into the public health system and from there the inspection will do the paperwork and follow-up of the patient's symptoms ".

Navarro added that the objective is "prevent the collapse of the primary care center that it must attend to other pathologies "and has thanked the" effort of the Ministry of Health "that shows that public-private collaboration works.

"There are pharmacies and laboratories. What we want is minimize the impact of this possible collapse on the healthcare system due to the peak of the contagions that we suffer, "he stressed. The president of the employer's association stressed that there are important sectors that cannot stop because they are providing essential services.

Sick leave

The employer emphasizes that the loss of workers registered in companies represents a big administrative problem Given the difficulties they encounter in obtaining medical discharge due to the congestion suffered by primary care. It is estimated that 1 in 7 workers who are on leave at this time could rejoin immediately, but they do not do so due to not obtaining medical authorization.

Faced with this situation, the CEV requested on Friday that the automatic labor registration associated with all sick leave due to covid be provided after the seven days currently established by the quarantine period -Or others that the authorities may indicate- "without the need to go to primary care centers -which are currently collapsed- to obtain the same, logically, in the absence of symptoms."


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