March 5, 2021

Workers on paid leave will return to work next week

Workers with recoverable paid leave will return to activity and their non-essential jobs after Easter, which in some autonomous communities will be next Monday or Tuesday.

Government spokeswoman and Finance Minister, María Jesús Montero, said on Tuesday after the Council of Ministers that the measure of hibernation of economic activity that ends on April 9 “has been extraordinarily effective.”

“The mobility data says that in the environment of the companies the will of the recoverable paid leave has been taken care of and I thank all the business fabric and the workers”, said Montero after noting that from now on they will be given steps to resume the rest of the work.

He stated that after the Social Dialogue meeting with different ministries yesterday, the Government is working in different scenarios, anticipating different situations that may arise depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

“Measures will be adopted as the de-escalation is seen,” he said after stressing that the Executive does not want to speculate on how the return to normal work will be, since it will depend on technical and scientific evidence.

“We are cautious. The peremptory and try to resume normal work next week,” he insisted.


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