June 18, 2021

Workers cannot be fired for accumulating medical leave – La Provincia

The Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, said on Thursday that, although the line of work of her Ministry will be social dialogue, the repeal ofArticle 52.d of the Workers’ Statutewhich allows the dismissal of a worker for accumulation of medical leave even if they are justified “is not a negotiable matter”.

“When there isviolation of fundamental rightsnothing can be negotiated, “said the minister in statements to RNE.

Díaz has affirmed that the social agents already know this decision, that the Royal Decree-Law that will annul this article,derived from the labor reform of 2012, is ready and that the Council of Ministers will approve it quickly.

The minister explained that she will work from the social dialogue, although she has indicated that she is aware that in some moments the debate will close without agreement.

It has not been the case ofminimum interprofessional salary (SMI), which will rise this year, with retroactive effects from January 1, to 950 euros per month after the Government, unions and businessmen reached an agreement yesterday to raise it by 5.5% compared to the figure of 2019 (900 euros per month).

Díaz stressed that this agreement has been“a success of the Government of Spain”, not of United We can, because in the Executive, he said,“there are no shirts”according to the party to which it belongs. “We are a team,” said the minister, who also thanked the social agents who have yielded in their positions to reach the agreement.

It has also made it clear that the Government’s commitment isplace the SMI at 60% of the average salary, an objective to which he will not give up and with which the European Social Charter would be fulfilled.

Protect domestic workers

Asked about the effects of the rise of the SMI in domestic employment, the minister has indicated that there are activities that have a tendency to“plunge” into illegality,but he has insisted that if domestic personnel are hired “the legality must be complied with”.

“If someone chooses to hire a person for household chores, they have to comply with all the legality. And if not, they will have to choose, as many people do, whyhouseworkwe make them coresponsibly in our homes, “he defended.

In any case, the minister has stressed the need to move forward in the protection of domestic workers, so she has considered it “urgent” for the Spanish Government to ratify theConvention 189 of the International Labor Organization (ILO)About domestic workers.

“You can’t understand that domestic workerslack unemployment protection“, said the minister, who has insisted that domestic workers” have to be protected. “


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