Workers accuse the Basque and central governments of letting La Naval die

The workers already dismissed from La Naval have today accused the Basque and central governments of being responsible for the "industrial murder" of the Sestao shipyard (Bizkaia) and the Biscay region of the Left Bank.

Hundreds of workers and neighbors of the region have demonstrated this afternoon on Saturday in the center of Bilbao.

The march has led a score of workers with suitcases, representing the 150 employees of La Naval who have the option of joining Navantia in Cadiz, Ferrol (A Coruña), Cartagena (Murcia) or Madrid, and after them the banner with the slogan "Basque Government-Central Government negotiation, for employment in Ezkerraldea (Left Bank)".

Before starting the march, the chairman of the works committee, Juan Llordén, recalled that all 173 La Naval employees are dismissed since February 28 by the judge who is in charge of the liquidation process, except for four who continue to work in the company. shipyard (one maintenance, another cleaning and two management).

Llordén insisted that Europe allows the Basque and central governments to buy the shipyard now that there is no shareholder, and therefore would not be State aid, and has considered that both executives are "responsible for fixing this mess" by privatization failed La Naval 14 years ago.

He has argued that if governments buy the shipyard they could rent the facilities to finish the dredge that is half built, which would give work for 20 months to a thousand workers.

"Tomorrow we could start working," he said.

The works council has argued that PNV and PSOE, as responsible for the Basque and central governments, do not deserve the vote of the workers for allowing the closure of the shipyard and "condemning" them to "exile".

"All parties committed to do as much as possible to allow Europe and Europe now allows to buy the shipyard, to get down to work," said the committee, which calls for an immediate meeting with the Minister Arantxa Tapia and Minister Maria Jesus Huntsman.

The committee has also accused those who were top shareholders of La Naval, the companies Ingeteam and Astilleros de Murueta, of leading the company to ruin by "getting great benefits through its related companies."

In the demonstration, which also involved leaders of Elkarrekin Podemos, have chanted slogans such as "We, the suitcase, they, the briefcase", "Listen jeltzale, your excuse is not worth it", "lehendakari, go to Cadiz "or" For Europe it is legal to buy La Naval ".


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