June 15, 2021

Work wants to introduce a single benefit of 452 euros for when unemployment is exhausted




The Ministry of Labor and Social Economy wants simplify unemployment protection aid and create a new benefit that will integrate all existing ones and that would come into force from 2022. This is stated in
reform 10 of component 23 of the Transformation, Recovery and Resilience Plan
, where reference is made to a new benefit, which combines all the current ones, for an amount of 80% of the Iprem. Is single amount would amount to 451.90 euros per month based on the Iprem (Multiple effects public income indicator) of 2021.

The new and only non-contributory benefit
It would be aimed at the unemployed whose contributory benefit ends
, but remain unemployed and unable to find work. It is also designed for people with between six and twelve months of contributions who are not entitled to the contributory benefit. «The reform is aimed at replacing the unemployment protection assistance level, regulated in the General Social Security Law and in the Active Insertion Income (RAI) and Extraordinary Unemployment Subsidy (SED) programs, integrating them into a new benefit, complementary to contributory protection, which protects the situation of transition to employment “, reads the text.

The text explains that the plan resides in integrate into the ordinary allowance for exhaustion all the extraordinary modalities that have been created at different times. The nature of the new subsidy will be an unemployment benefit, complementary to the contributory one, linked to previous contributions and financed from the budget for unemployment benefits and whose management will be attributed to the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) and the Social Institute of the Navy (ISM).


To access this subsidy, it will be required the accreditation of lack of individual income and, in some cases, family responsibilities. It will also be mandatory to comply with the commitment and fulfillment of a personalized employment itinerary before the competent public employment service.

duration of this new one-time aid will depend on age,
family circumstances and the duration of the exhausted benefit. However, the objective will be to extend the current maximum period of the ordinary subsidy while incorporating the extensions of the extraordinary subsidies still in force.

The plan will have to be closing the fringes since the Ministry of Labor makes it clear in the text of the Plan that the definition of these regulatory changes will be addressed beforehand at the social dialogue table with social agents.

Likewise, it is pointed out that this integration will be in a coordinated way with the development of the Minimum Living Income (IMV), which includes the increase of its beneficiaries and the development of inclusion itineraries, as explained by the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá.

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