November 25, 2020

Work wants to approve this Tuesday the aid for the unemployed who have exhausted their benefit in the pandemic

The Ministry of Labor wants to approve this Tuesday the promised aid for unemployed people who have exhausted their benefit during the pandemic, for which it will take its subsidy proposal to the Council of Ministers this morning, as El Periódico has advanced and confirm sources of work to The benefit accumulates a significant delay, since it was practically taken for granted in the summer in the Ministry headed by Yolanda Díaz after negotiating with social agents. CCOO and UGT, who have pointed to the Treasury as responsible for stopping the aid, have demanded that the government approve the provision urgently, to alleviate the situation of these people without employment or benefits of any kind.

CCOO and UGT pressure the Government for the delay in helping the unemployed who have exhausted their benefits: "It is unacceptable"

CCOO and UGT pressure the Government for the delay in helping the unemployed who have exhausted their benefits: “It is unacceptable”

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Yolanda Díaz will therefore go to the Council of Ministers this Tuesday with the intention of including the extraordinary subsidy for the unemployed in a royal decree that is expected to be approved in support of the culture sector. Labor sources trust that he can get ahead, given the helpless situation in which many unemployed people find themselves who have not been able to find a job in these months of pandemic and have been exhausting their subsidies and benefits.

In case of seeing the light this Tuesday, the details of the subsidy remain to be seen and, so far, have led to many negotiations between the government and the unions. CCOO and UGT wanted a broader aid, which would be aimed at unemployed people who have lost their right to benefits from the state of alarm to the present, in line with the protection of ERTE that continues to be maintained due to the exceptional situation that has caused the pandemic.

Within the Executive there were different positions on the coverage of aid, which were finally reflected in a proposal in summer so that the subsidy – of about 430 euros per month – was directed to the unemployed who lost their unemployment protection until September 30. According to government estimates, the aid would thus reach more than half a million people, some 550,000 unemployed who are estimated to have lost their aid in this period.

Lack of protection for the unemployed

Although the unions considered the aid negotiated with the Government limited, their delay has shown the difficulties for the subsidy to be approved, which is why they have urged that at least this benefit be approved as soon as possible. The logic: better something than nothing. And, once the extraordinary subsidy is approved, fight at the negotiating table to have it extended, as has happened with other aid.

In CCOO and UGT they highlight the importance of the social protection deployed for workers affected by ERTE due to COVID-19, but also underline that it is necessary to cover people already unemployed or who have become unemployed in these months and have exhausted your help with no option to find a new job.

Workers in ERTE due to the pandemic, for example, have the right to collect unemployment benefits even if they did not have the minimum contribution for it and have benefited from the so-called ‘counter to zero’ in the benefit, so that they do not consume their right to future unemployment for these months of coverage. The aid that is proposed at this time for the unemployed does not reach this level of protection, but rather guarantees a few months of subsidy to the group, which has lost its income.


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