March 1, 2021

Work uncovers 126,751 hidden jobs and 1,145 million in quotas

The Master Plan for Decent Work launched by the Ministry of Employment at the end of July last year has allowed a total of 126,751 jobs to emerge until June of this year, which represents an increase of 45% over the same period of the previous year and a collection of Social Security contributions of 1,146.59 million euros, 32% more than what was obtained in the previous annual period, in accordance with the provisional data collected by Europa Press.

In the first eleven months of the plan (August 2018-June 2019), the situation of 32,067 false self-employed persons has also been regularized through their framing in the general Social Security scheme as employed persons, as well as the detection of 725 infractions with proposals of sanction (double that one year before) for 216.88 million in liquidation of Social Security contributions (four times more than in the previous period).

Within these 32,000 false freelancers detected by the Labor Inspectorate, 72 actions have been carried out in collaborative platforms and electronic commerce, which has resulted in 8,076 autonomous freelancers in these companies, after 277 infractions have been detected and recovery, to through Social Security settlements, amounting to 13.63 million euros.

Likewise, the master plan has allowed the detection of 782 false scholars, after raising the inspection actions by 163%, with 1,267 concrete inspections, which has allowed almost 3 million euros to enter the Social Security, more than double the previous year, with an increase of the detected infractions of 40%, until 165.

Conversion to undefined

On the other hand, a total 173,957 temporary contracts in fraud of law have become indefinite, 83% more, of which 112,512 correspond to ordinary actions and 61,445 contracts were transformed as a result of the ‘shock plan’. In addition, the number of inspections in this regard has increased by 20% and the number of infractions with penalty, 232%.

The Master Plan for Decent Work has also regularized false part-time contracts and has managed to extend the workdays of 36,694 jobs, of which 27,870 correspond to ordinary actions and 8,824 jobs to the ‘crash plan’. Compared with the previous year, the inspection activity increased by 58% with results in terms of the extension of part-time contracts.

The payment of overtime and the control of defaults and delays in the payment of salary compensation is another of the pillars of the action plan of the Ministry of Employment. Thus, in the first year of the plan, the inspection actions in this area have allowed a total of 5.22 million euros to be recovered for the benefit of the workers. Overtime inspections have reached 22,278 in the period, 5% more than a year earlier.

50% more special visits to companies

Finally, the Labor Inspectorate has made 48,551 special visits to companies to detect submerged economy (50% more than the previous annual period), which are those actions that are carried out at night, on weekends or holidays and those that they are carried out in collaboration with the State Security Forces and Bodies.

The master plan, which was approved on July 27, is not directed against all companies, but against those that fail to comply with their obligations. "In order to recover labor rights and fight fraud, the main objectives of this plan, social laws must be enforced, committed by the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate, correcting and sanctioning those illegal behaviors of companies", underlines the department of Magdalena Valerio

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