July 25, 2021

Work now aims to raise the share of self-employed at least 260 euros a year in 2019

Work now aims to raise the share of self-employed at least 260 euros a year in 2019


The self-employed no longer know what to expect. Every week, the Government transfers a scenario of the rise in costs that they pay to Social Security for the next year, which immediately or are modified or Pablo Iglesias amendment. Although the leader of the purple training rejected the week the possibility of raising costs for the group, the Ministry of Labor yesterday transferred to the collective a new proposal of rise in your social costs that again sow chaos and uncertainty. Now the department that directs Magdalena Valerio wants to apply some increments in the costs of the group that, in practice, would suppose 260 euros more to the year for a self-employed person who quotes for the minimum base and 340 euros more for a corporate self-employed.

The latest idea of ​​the Ministry is that on January 1, the minimum contribution base will rise by the same percentage as the year-on-year CPI growth in November, which the Executive estimates will be in 2.3%. They also raise a 1.6% increase in the contribution rate. There would no longer be the possibility that the self-employed would choose some of the causes for which he is quoting, which are now voluntary, since Labor wants that, whatever the rise in the price and types, the group is obliged to quote for all contingencies for which the salaried workers are already quoted. This means that you will pay for common contingencies (to cover the pension and disability benefits); for accidents and occupational diseases; by cessation of activity (similar to the benefit or unemployment) and, as a novelty, by training. A) Yes, the type of contribution would be of 31.40%, compared to the current 29.9%.

ATA, the organization led by Lorenzo Amor, yesterday rejected the proposal that it described as "disproportionate".


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