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The last measures of the legislature are being infarct for the Ministry of Labor and social agents. The Government of Pedro Sánchez is committed to saving the most social measures that went in the Budget and declined with his parliamentary rejection and tries to enlist the support of social agents. In addition, among the ministries themselves (Labor, Economy, Equality, Finance ...) are negotiating and unifying their positions to see if it can go further: to take down the aspects considered most harmful to the labor reform or repeal all reform 2013 pension. But so far there are few decisions taken definitively, admit several sources of the department, which also point out that March 1 is not the deadline to approve decrees. "The Government does not take office until April 28," rivet.

In this process, last Friday responsible for Labor met with social agents and gave them a list with 12 points of the "possible content of a royal decree law of measures in the area of ​​social protection." This afternoon they received the legal development of several of these measures, as El Mundo said.

This text will be negotiated this week in an appointment yet to be determined. It will be one more of the meetings that are happening during these days: on Monday representatives of Equality and Labor were with unions and employers to finalize a decree on gender equality in the labor market. Today there will be another meeting to see what aspects of the labor reform can be modified.

The list is headed by the recovery of the subsidy for unemployed people over 52 years of age. After the 2012 cuts, the minimum age was 55 years. The measure was included in the Budgets and the day after announcing that the elections would be held on April 28, Pedro Sánchez promised that he would save this measure. However, the legal text of this measure is not in the draft received on Monday by social agents because its development depends on the Secretary of State for Employment and not Social Security.

Yes it is the development of the other measure that Sanchez promised to save: the contribution of non-professional caregivers of dependent family members, also repealed in the 2012 cuts. However, as proof of the uncertainty and confusion that reigns at this moment on the latest decisions of the Government is the fact that this afternoon several sources from different ministries warned that this measure would probably figure in the decree on Equal Pay Wages that the Council of Ministers will approve, in principle, this week.

The next measure contained in the text with the 12 social policy initiatives is an aid of up to 588 euros per year for low-income families with few incomes. Another is a help of almost 7,000 euros for people with "total permanent disability derived from common disease." The money to finance these two measures, clarifies the text, will come from a transfer from the Treasury to Social Security.

Aid for hiring

The draft also contains several bonuses on Social Security contributions. One of them is for the conversion of temporary contracts of agricultural workers in indefinite, for that reason the discount in the installments will be of 40 euros per month (480 euros per year) in the case of men and 53.33 euros per month in the case of women. The other bonus seeks to boost the hiring of long-term unemployed.

In addition, the Executive intends to modify the contribution period for artists in periods of inactivity, to support the extension of discontinuous fixed contracts in the hotel sector of tourist areas.

How many decrees
and when?

It is difficult to know at this point how many decrees the Government intends to adopt on social and labor issues. The president, Pedro Sanchez, and several ministers have announced the Government's intention to recover social measures from the budgets and take advantage of the content of the negotiations with the social partners and the parliamentary groups on labor reform and pensions. But a few days before the courts are dissolved, they do not clarify when it will be done or in how many decrees. Everything indicated that the deadline would be Friday, March 1, but yesterday the deadline was extended.

Several sources involved in the talks, both from the Government and social partners, pointed yesterday that most likely would be three decrees: one on equality, one on social measures and another on changes in labor reform, without detailing the depth of these changes . However, the same sources pointed out that this scenario may change.


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