July 29, 2021

Work anticipates that the list of defaulters will integrate 1,100 debtors who owe more than one million | Economy

Work anticipates that the list of defaulters will integrate 1,100 debtors who owe more than one million | Economy

The Government plans to draw up a list of debtors with Social Security, which includes companies or freelancers who owe more than 1 million euros to the aforementioned administration, for which it needs a legislative amendment that it wants to approve included in the 2019 budgets.

This has been explained today by the general director of the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS), Javier Aibar, who has ensured that, if the budgets for 2019 do not go ahead, "it is possible that this modification be adopted by royal decree "

"Based on the latest data detected internally", Aibar explained, there would be 1,100 debtors with a debt of more than 1 million euros, mainly companies, because there are hardly any debtors of that amount who are autonomous.

This year, the total amount owed amounts to 1,800 million euros which, added to the unpaid debts of the last 4 years (the foregoing prescribes), amounts to a total of 4,477 million euros, Aibar said.

The publication of the list requires changes in the General Law of Social Security, through a modification that must have legal status and that will also have to undergo a regulatory development.

Once the debt is detected, the Social Security will require the debtor to pay it once the voluntary period has ended, thus detecting the defaulters who have debt in the way of constraint, who will be informed of the possibility of including them in the list once they have done so. allegations and, subsequently, the list will be published.

Aibar explained that the list of defaulters with Social Security will be approved with the one prepared by the Tax Agency and that it will also have "regularity over time", since it is "an exemplary measure".

This year, the economic default rate, which measures the degree of voluntary payment compliance, will be 1%, the lowest of the last decade, which means that "for every 100 euros paid, only one euro you have to ask for it in a way of urgency. "

It has detailed that until the month of September, the Social Security has collected more 1.084 million euros, which represents a decrease of 5.53% over the same period of the previous year, although its weight over the total collection has been reduced 10 percentage points due to the increase in voluntary payment.

In addition, Aibar pointed out that, "for the first time with respect to past years, we will achieve a budget execution of 100%, meeting the target set in the budgets of 2018."

The number of payment postponements granted up to September amounts to 68,578, which represents an increase of 4.85%, although the total amount of the deferred debt has decreased by 18.8% in these nine months, to a total of 616 , 9 million euros.

This is because although "companies need to defer fewer amounts, due to the control of defaults in deferrals, they are forced to renegotiate them, which results in an increase in their number," Aibar explained.

In total, the outstanding debt with deferment reaches 1,162.7 million euros, which represents a decrease of 9.8%, and most of this deferred amount corresponds to private sector debt (99.9%).

Until September, Social Security has initiated 2,811 bankruptcy proceedings – compared to the 4,051 that began last year – for a total amount owed of 127.4 million, half of which in 2017.


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