Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Woody Allen will shoot in summer in the Basque Country, with a North American star and a screenplay "on the heights" of "Midnight in Paris"

Woody Allen will shoot in summer in the Basque Country, with a North American star and a screenplay "on the heights" of "Midnight in Paris"

There are already many "Allenmaniacs" rubbing their hands since a month and a half ago it was known that Woody Allen would return, not only to shoot, but to do it in Spain. After the obligatory stoppage in its film rhythm per year due to the emptiness of the industry in Hollywood for the accusations of having abused his daughter Dylan Farrow years ago, the director of "Manhattan" will return to the charge thanks to the budgetary coverage of Jaume Roures, managing partner of the Mediapro Group, which was already involved in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" (2008).

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An encounter with Roures to present The Mediapro Studio has served to clarify, albeit slightly, some points about this film.


Filming will take place "basically" in the Basque Country, and has already been located in the city of San Sebastian. Although at first it was thought to shoot parts in Barcelona, ​​in the end it was decided to centralize everything in the Basque Country in the month of July. In addition, on June 16, Allen will be playing with his jazz band at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao.


Although he can not give many details "because Woody, like other directors, are very jealous of their projects", Roures did put the script in the wake of "Midnight in Paris" (2011), one of his most celebrated works of the decade and a movie in which he also left his usual New York. In particular, the film will guide around "creators". We'll have to see what kind, writers? Writers? In any case, for Roures the script "is at the height of what was '' Midnight in Paris '', then we'll see how that reflects"


One of the juiciest details leaked by Roures is that the film will be starred, in its feminine part, by an important American actress. It will be difficult to make pools after the #MeToo spiral caused many actresses to renege on having worked with the author of "Annie Hall" and others to promise that they would never do it.


This year of cinematographic "drought" has not been a creative break for Woody Allen. Roures, who has maintained a friendly relationship with the New Yorker for years, explained that Allen has been "writing his memoirs." Now the cinema returns to knock on his door while his latest film, "A Rainy Day in New York" is still unused, in limbo, after the dispute with Amazon.


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