April 18, 2021

Woody Allen sued Amazon Studios

Woody Allen sued Amazon Studios

Yesterday, Juliette Binoche, as president of the Berlinale jury, asked for a truce in the "public flogging" of Harvey Weinstein, today comes another blow from the #MeToo. Woody Allen has sued Amazon Studios, with which he had an agreement to produce four films, for breach of contract. When the tide of accusations of abuse in the industry began a year and a half ago, Allen was not saved. Many recalled that he was accused of sexually abusing his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, when she was 7 years old. Dylan herself, in a television interview, tearfully recounted the traumatic experience. As a result, Allen ran out of allies in Hollywood.

While Weinstein has been facing months of a series of trials for rape and abuse, Allen was acquitted, at least legally, of the accusations that Farrow made in 1992. However, and probably to avoid controversies presided over by the hashtag MeToo , Amazon decided not to release "A Rainy Day in New York", which involved Selena Gomez, Thimothée Chalamet, Jude Law and Elle Fanning, or embark on the other projects they had signed with Allen. Despite initially agreeing to delay the release of the film, the company has now notified the filmmaker that "it has no intention of distributing or using the films in any way, either nationally or in international territories," according to "The Hollywood Reporter."

The quote refers to the four films that the director of "Manhattan" had agreed to produce with Amazon Studios and that, according to the documents presented in the court, guaranteed a profit of between 68 and 73 million dollars to Allen's company, Gravier Productions. The producer cited the accusations against the director as one of the reasons for canceling the agreements, although Allen's lawyers say that when he signed the first agreement with Amazon Studios in 2014, the company was aware of these accusations. According to "The Hollywood Reporter," Amazon has also based its decision on "the controversial comments (of the director), and the fact that the talent refuses to work or be associated with him in any way."

Neither is a minor detail that Amazon Studios itself has already been in the midst of the MeToo storm when its president, Roy Price, was accused of sexual abuse by the producer Isa Dick Hackett, so Price was forced to resign at your expense.


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