April 15, 2021

Woody Allen sued Amazon Studios for not releasing his latest film | Culture

Woody Allen sued Amazon Studios for not releasing his latest film | Culture

Woody Allen has sued Amazon Studios and asks 60 million euros for not releasing his latest film and break the agreement that the filmmaker had signed with the producer to make three more movies, as published by the specialized magazine Variety The director maintains that Amazon has damaged him as much by not fulfilling the pact as by not launching A Rainy Day in New York even though he finished it six months ago.

"Amazon has tried to justify with references the unfounded accusation of a 25-year-old girl against Mr. Allen but it was already known by Amazon (and by the public) before signing the agreement for four films. contract, "says the statement of the filmmaker. Dylan Farrow, daughter of the director and Mia Farrow, has defended many times that the filmmaker sexually abused her in 1992, when she was a girl, something that Allen has always denied.

Moses Farrow, the couple's adopted son, has criticized his sister and claimed that she was manipulated by her mother. A psychologist who interviewed Dylan nine times cast doubt on his version and the judicial investigation on Allen never filed a charge, although the judge who handed over the custody of the children to Farrow said that, considering the evidence presented, he did not you could exclude abuse.

The lawsuit says that Amazon executives Jason Ropell and Matt Newman met with Allen's representatives in December of 2017, in the midst of the rise of the MeToo movement, according Variety. The managers of the company then alleged a possible image damage for their brand and both parties agreed to a delay in the premiere of A Rainy Day in New York. Thus, Allen did not release any film in 2018, after decades presenting at least one work per year. Amazon distributed the previous two movies of the director, Café Society Y Wonder Wheel, at the same time that he produced and premiered his first series, Crisis in six scenes. Meanwhile, the pressure has increased on the filmmaker, who had so far remained far from the spotlight, while several movie stars publicly took sides in his favor or against him.

"Simply, there is no legitimate reason on the part of Amazon to renege on its promises," the document added. The agency Reuters maintains that, at the moment, the company has not responded to the demand of Allen, presented before the district court of Manhattan.


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