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The memories of Woody Allen ‘By the way’ they will arrive this Thursday May 21 at the bookstores Spanish by the hand of Alliance, a work that has drawn controversy since before its publication -in United States They already saw the light last March- and in which the filmmaker details some anecdotes of his relationship with Spain.

For example, the author of ‘Manhattan’ dedicates several pages to Oviedo and especially at the time that the granting of the Prince of Asturias Awards. It was there, in the Oviedo city, where she met the then-Prince Felipe -in the year 2002- and they forged a friendship that ended in a private dinner in New York.

My family knows the queen (Sofía), also the prince of Spain (Felipe), who would later come to dinner at our house in New York. I am out of my element. There are cars in front of our house on Ninety-second and the secret service is examining the basement, the roof, the garden, “says Allen of that visit.

However, this ‘registration’ of the secret services is justified by the author later. “After all, the prince, who will later become King of Spain, comes to dinner,” he recalls, only to resume his account of his stay in Oviedo as a result of the award.

Allen admits that he “had never heard” of Oviedo before the call to collect the Prize and his idea was to “pass” this award as he had done a little earlier with the award for his career at the Golden Globes. “I had no intention of going there and please leave me alone as I am watching the party, “says the film director.

“Suddenly, the distributor of our film in Spain calls me with an outbreak of panic. I cannot refuse that award. It is the most important in Spain, is huge across Europe. The Prince and Queen deliver it. It is like the Nobel for them “, confesses Allen, at the same time that he believes he is facing” an administrative error “.

Finally, he accepted and in the story of those delivery days he especially remembers the figure of the playwright Arthur Miller – “they are going to grant me the same honor as the author of ‘Death of a Salesman’. This must be a mistake,” he confesses. with admiration. The image that Allen de Oviedo stayed with was that of “a small city with a London climate that is a delight

The author also has a souvenir for him summer he spent in Spain filming ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’, in which the actors participated Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. “What a group of actors. Not to mention Javier Bardem, one of the best actors in the seventh art,” says the filmmaker, who is also delighted with Cruz’s work.

“Penelope, in addition to being a talent, complicated and excellent, as an actress, he is one of the sexiest human beings on the face of the earth, and reunite her with Scarlett Johansson it made the erotic value of each one of them quadruple, “he points out in the text, to later highlight that his ‘Oscar’ for this film was” well deserved “.

Sex of “very good taste”

Allen also humorously explains his ‘battle’ for the rating of the film following a sex scene between the two actresses. “We wanted the film to have an R rating (which indicates that minors under 17 years of age must go to the cinema accompanied by an adult), but they only assigned us the Parental Guide (some content may not be appropriate for children),” she says ironically.

According to the director, the final decision to put that rating on the film was because, according to those responsible for these labels, “the sex between the two women was very tastefully represented“The only time in my life that I was accused of good taste ended up hurting the box office result,” he jokes.

The director of ‘Annie Hall’ remembers that “great summer” that he spent in Barcelona eating at the Ca l’Isidre restaurant “as many times as possible” and, later, he will allude to the fact that he filmed in the Catalan capital as ” a dream”.

Bardem’s support

These memories have been preceded by controversy because several publishers refused to publish them when they were involved in accusations of sexual abuse his daughter Dylan Farrow. The filmmaker dedicates several pages to clarify it and in an aside he mentions the people who were at his side during an “unfair and filthy” campaign.

In addition to Scarlet Johansson, Alec Baldwin or Diane Keaton, the director also highlights the support of Spanish actor Javier Bardem. “Javier was also very direct and expressed his fury at what he called a public lynching,” he writes to thank that defense in the harshest days of the accusations.


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