February 25, 2021

Woody Allen insures against the boycott against him that he will not retire "never" | Culture

Woody Allen keep the secrets with zeal. He does not usually reveal details of the work he has underway. Sheltered in his timid and brittle appearance, the filmmaker appeared today serious and restrained Tuesday when talking about his next film, a romantic comedy that will be filmed from tomorrow in San Sebastian for seven weeks. The project is provisionally titled The Rifkin festivaland narrates the comic adventures of a US marriage during the Donostia film festival. The director intends to dedicate "a tribute to the cinema", to the festivals that launched great directors. And, by the way, give prominence to a city that is giving him the facilities he can not find in his country: "I want to present my vision of San Sebastián".

Allen once again displayed his reputation as reserved and shy. Before the cameras he barely raised his eyes from the ground, although he did not refuse any questions, including those referring to the campaign in the USA against him after the allegations of sexual abuse of his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow when he was a minor, for which he was investigated. and exonerated by the courts. "I do not think about political and social movements. I'm not mentally equipped to have a deep vision of those conflicts. I talk about human relationships, about people, about comedy, "he said, asked about the #MeToo movement, which asks to veto him.

In their country, publishers are refusing to publish their memoirs and distributors avoid showing their lengths. Allen clarified that they will not get him to announce his retirement: "I have not thought about retiring, never. My philosophy has always been that it does not matter what happens in life. I just focus on work. Maybe I'll die on a set, rolling. "

Far from the noise, Allen he will go to San Sebastian to record his latest project, produced by Mediapro Studio – it is the fourth film he has signed with the company of Jaume Roures – and with a cast made up of Elena Anaya, Gina Gershon, Sergi Lopez, Christoph Waltz and Louis Garrel. "I do not like to leave New York for a long time and I had to think of a place where I could be well. I remembered visiting San Sebastian two or three times during the festival. It is beautiful and with a special charm, "said the filmmaker, who received the Donostia Award in 2004 for his career as an actor. Allen, lover and jazz instrumentalist, will take advantage of his stay in the city to follow closely the Jazzaldia of San Sebastian, between July 24 and 29.

Woody Allen, along with actors Sergi López, Gina Gershon, Elena Anaya and Wally Shawn, and producer Jaume Roures.

Woody Allen, along with actors Sergi López, Gina Gershon, Elena Anaya and Wally Shawn, and producer Jaume Roures.

When it was announced that it was going to shoot in the Guipuzcoan capital and it was rumored that it would occupy La Concha beach, a notable commotion was formed. Close the jewel of the city for a shoot of Allen ?, many citizens were outraged. The debate has not taken shape and the mayor, Eneko Goia, of the PNV, settled the issue by ensuring that the closure of the beach will be "partial" and the conditions, "limited." Roures, who eluded to give data of the budget of the film, indicated that "days with few people on the beach" will be used. EH Bildu was the only voice that publicly turned its back on the director, not attending the official reception that the City Council offered to the director and his team.

The Rifkin festival, which will be released in 2020, will show scenes from the center of San Sebastian and the Old Town: "I'm going to film throughout the city and forests that are not far from the center. The sea is going to have a special role. There is so much to see! ", said Allen. The cameras will be moved to the district of San Juan, in Pasaia, or the Itzurun beach, in Zumaia, where it was also recorded Game of Thrones.

The landscape of Gipuzkoa will involve a story centered on the importance of festivals to socialize cinema. With a critical touch, Allen revealed: "I do not like the direction of the festivals that are a catwalk of stars. They have to give real opportunity to new actors and directors, and represent the highest form of cinema as art. "

Anaya, whom Allen met in The Skin I Live In, Pedro Almodóvar, accepted "without hesitation" to work with the director despite the boycott: "I believe in life and justice. I choose the projects for the companions, the director and the script, "he said after dismissing Allen as" an endearing being, a genius and a legend. "

Gershon said the same after referring to the US as a country that lives "crazy" and "wild times" where there is "much rivalry." "I am very aware of the struggle of women and I am delighted to be participating in this film, there are many good things that are coming out of those movements," he said, referring to MeToo, "but it is important that there is discernment and that people make your own decisions. "

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