Woody Allen does a 'live' with Alec Baldwin and reveals his end as director

Woody Allen does a 'live' with Alec Baldwin and reveals his end as director

Woody Allen has no social networks. He has an official Facebook page that he does not manage and which he does not know how to access. However, he has decided to open an official Instagram account for do a 'live' with his friend Alec Baldwin and promote his new book of stories, Zero Gravity, where he compiles short and humorous writings. Some were already published at the time when he was writing for The New Yorker, others were born during the pandemic, a time when he recognized that he had been very comfortable without going out, having to make decisions or interact, just dedicated to write and enjoy your time.

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But the promotion is what it has and Woody Allen had to come out of his cave to connect to the internet. If he ever wrote a scene where a person who doesn't have social media connects to Instagram for the first time, it would look a lot like what happened in this interview. Allen walked in early, the camera didn't focus on his entire face, and after five minutes he lost the connection. The director became that blurry man played by Robin Williams in Dismantling Harry.

Baldwin began yelling single words in Spanish at someone in his house to get it fixed. Woody Allen came back…for five minutes. So up to three times. The actor asked him to find "the room with the best Wi-Fi in the house," but Allen and his assistant decided that opening the door was more than enough. It was and the interview could continue its course. Allen confessed that he did not know anything about social networks because he has never been "interested in 'gadgets', or cameras, or recorders."

At the end of the book rather little was said. Alec Baldwin asked him about the humor, about the difficulty of writing his autobiography, in which he gave his best so that “it was not a succession of events like Wikipedia”. “In Zero Gravity I had to find stories that were funny and that I hope are funny for people. Some of them took me a week to write, others a couple of days... but it's different, because an autobiography requires more effort and time. Someone once told me that the difference between writing a short story and a novel is that a novel can be ten times longer but it is 100 times more difficult”, he has said and explained why he does not write novels. “I tried to write one but it wasn't good, and one of the reasons is that I wasn't a good reader when I was a kid, and that meant I didn't know anything about novels. I know about show business, movies, and in that I have an instinct, but I don't know anything about literature, or structures, or characters... so I can write short things in a fun way, ”he settled.

Baldwin also asked about the dedication to Soon Yi in this book, which reads as follows: "To Soon Yi, if Bram Stoker had known you, he would have written the sequel." The director has said that after 25 years of marriage, when he writes the dedications to her, she is the one who asks him to put “horrible” things on her, so this time he has complied. “In comedy, in roasts, the best form of affection is to insult the other person, and I have done it because she understands it and wants it that way. I've made millions of wife jokes in my life, but none particularly laudatory," he added.

I've done 49 movies, I'll do at least one more, but the thrill has been lost. I'll do one or two more and dedicate myself to writing

Woody Allen—Film director

Allen acknowledged that he doesn't play his clarinet well, and that if he wasn't known for his movies no one would go to see him, but since he's famous they forgive him for his “horrible mistakes”. Despite this, he practices every day and feels bad that there are talented people playing in small jazz halls while he plays in auditoriums in front of thousands of people, but he also gets something positive out of it: “If you really love something and do it Honestly, there's a chance."

It was in the cinema part when Woody Allen was pessimistic and advanced the end of his career. An end that seems to be too close. He was sad because the films no longer last in theaters and in a few weeks they are "in streaming or Pay per View, whatever, because I don't have any of them." “I've done 49 movies, I'll do at least one more, but the thrill has been lost. Before I knew I would make a movie, it would be in theaters all over the country, people would go see it on a big screen, but now in eight weeks at the most they have it from home, and it's not the same, it's not fun for me anymore , I don't feel the same fun anymore”, he said pessimistically and looking sad because the cinemas where he saw “Fellini, Bergman and Truffaut are closing”. That is why he has stressed that he will do “one or two more” and then he will lock himself up to write.

His friend has tried to get him if he didn't watch any streaming series and has recommended Barry, but Woody Allen has once again confirmed that he doesn't have platforms and isn't interested: “At home I watch football, baseball and the news. I do not have time for that". He has told what was already known about his next film: that it will be in Paris and that this will mean that he and Soon Yi will be away for a few months, something that they love, because their experiences filming abroad “have been refreshing and brilliant”. It will be number 50, and maybe the last, although when it comes to Woody Allen you never know if his threat is just another joke.

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