Woody Allen challenges the boycott and ensures that he never retires: "Die rolling" – The Province

The director American Woody Allen said yesterday that he does not think about "political and social movements," as he pointed out in response to questions about the movement MeToo, during the presentation of the filming of his next film, which will be held in San Sebastian.

"I work seven days a week and I do not think about political and social movements, I will die rolling," he told reporters in reference to questions about the boycott of the filmmaker in the United States related to allegations of abuse by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, and of the movement MeToo.

The filmmaker said that at 83, he does not think about retiring because, he said, his philosophy is that "it does not matter what happens" and "always focus on work." In that sense, he stressed that in his career it has not mattered what happened to his "wife, children or politics".

Allen presented at the Kursaal in San Sebastian some details of his next film, which is provisionally titled Rifkin's festival and that it will start filming this Wednesday in the Guipuzcoan capital, accompanied by the actors Elena Anaya, Wally Shawn, Gina Gershon and Sergi López and by Jaume Roures, producer of The Mediapro Studio.


In this line, the director affirmed that he is not "equipped mentally to have a deep vision" of the political and social movements, and that he focuses "on social relations, on comedy". "I'm not going to retire, probably I'll die riding some of my films, or rolling," he said.

Woody Allen, who starts filming his new work on stage in San Sebastian on Wednesday – with some location in the Gipuzkoan towns of Pasaia and Zumaia – did not want to reveal the content of the plot of his film, beyond that it is about a romantic comedy in which "some people from the United States" arrive at the Festival of Movie theater from San Sebastian and "things happen that have comic resonance in their lives and in their marriages."

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