Woody Allen, an innocent in the gallows

At this time I imagine that they know that an editorial, the almighty Hachette, has decided that it will not publish “A propos of nothing,” Woody Allen’s memoirs. Break the contract and return the money. I know they might even burn or crush specimens. I guess it influences the campaign of employees of the publisher, who do not tolerate that your company publishes books of bad people. And Woody Allen is one of the worst people who have ever walked the earth. A Rudolf Hess with a movie camera. Much worse. I sense, too, that they know what the pod is about. That August 1992, Mia Farrow accused him of having sexually abused their adopted daughter, Dylan, 7. It all happened, he said, during a 20-minute visit Allen made to Mia’s house, taking advantage of the fact that she was shopping. The other children of the couple, service personnel, housekeepers, cooks, nanny and etc. were running around the mansion. Never before, and never after, has he been accused of abuse again. With the particularity, what things, that in January 1992, six months before the mess, Mia Farrow had discovered Woody Allen’s relationship with Soon-Yi Previn, who was 22 years old and was Farrow’s adopted daughter and her previous husband, the musician André Previn. A few days later Farrow recorded the girl, who confessed the theoretical abuses, and filed a complaint. There was a six month investigation. But no judgment.

The judge felt that there was not enough evidence. No one, neither the coroners of the Child Sexual Abuse Clinic of Yale-New Haven Hospital nor the detectives in charge or the workers of the social services of New York, granted credit to the accusations. Think what you want. In the opinion of the experts and forensics, the only ones who saw the tape, questioned the child and the parents, etc., either the girl had invented everything or the mother had written and directed it. Ah, it is exciting to remember that the conscientious actors who for almost three decades continued to work in their wake did not believe in the accusations. Delighted with the Oscar nominations. For me, that I am very badly thought, that his change in criteria has to do with the fact that someone has found damage to the current account and image damage. More than for a genuine interest in children’s rights and blablablá. We had to wait for Woody Allen to be laminated by the enemies of the presumption of justice and the rule of law so that the brave crusaders for freedom would say this mouth is mine, so that some of them fell into account. Camille Paglia says (thank you, dear Julio Béjar, who today looted two of your translations) that “seeing in the #MeToo movement so much middle class and literate woman hurrying to make quick judgments was something surprising and frightening. By emphasizing group emotions and sorority about facts and logic, they have revived the harmful stereotype of the irrationality of women that was once used to deny us the right to vote. The #MeToo, which with all its good intentions consecrates the ordeal and spits on judicial guarantees, has served to end one of the most lavish creators in the history of cinema. One who, above, looks where, was innocent.


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