Woods didn’t brake or lift his foot off the gas, investigation reveals

State of Woods' vehicle after the accident

Condition of Woods’ vehicle after the accident

Suspicion that the golfer Tiger Woods He did nothing to prevent the brutal accident that caused broken legs on February 23, he gained more strength when the California authorities revealed that the winner of 15 majors did not step on the brake or lift the foot off the gas of your vehicle.

A report from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office obtained by the TMZ portal reveals that the eleven times proclaimed ‘Player of the Year’ did nothing to prevent the accident in which your vehicle went off the road, hit a tree and made several turns.

Woods, 45, suffered exposed fractures in the tibia and fibula of the right leg, in addition to injuries to the bones of the foot and ankle that had him hospitalized for several days at the Harbor UCLA hospital in Los Angeles.

The new version is the result of the examination of several videos obtained in the trajectory since the player left a hotel. The same journalistic versions indicate that the researchers consider that the speeding in the section of the race in which Woods was injured he adds to the causes of the accident. Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced hours after the accident that the golfer’s truck was “going at considerable speed.”

Firefighters who went to the scene of the accident in Ranchos Palos Verdes, a city in Los Angeles County, had to use various tools to free Woods from the vehicle.

Woods issued a statement earlier this week announcing the back home to Florida to continue your recovery.


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