Womex turns the city into a world headquarters for music with roots – La Provincia

Womex turns the city into a world headquarters for music with roots - La Provincia

The celebration of the 24th edition of World Music Expo (Womex) will turn the capital of Gran Canaria into an authentic world headquarters of music with roots. Is about the fair most important professional in its category, which lands for the first time in the Archipelago, and will have as scenarios the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, the Gabriel Rodó room of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria (OFGC), and the Plaza de la Música. The musical and cultural meeting will begin next Wednesday, October 24, and will last until the 28th. In addition, the fair contemplates the celebration of 46 concerts that will inaugurate the music and direction of the timplista Germán López, and to which will be added the international band Aka Trio, the flamenco of Aurora, Caracoles, and the indie of the famous Brazilian composer LaBaq.

The meeting will also allow to attend the premiere, at a national level, of three documentaries that will be screened for the public, within the section Womex Films. Thus, the movies Gurrumul, and Hybrids, The Spirits of Brazil Y The Invisible Hands may be viewed between Thursday and Saturday in the Chamber Room of the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium at 20.00, one hour before the start of each day of concerts.

Tickets for the event can be purchased through the website of the Auditorium, which allows the acquisition of bonds at a price of 45 euros, while at the box office the amount amounts to 55. It is also possible to buy seats for each day in the same portal, for a price of 18 euros (22 euros at the box office).

In parallel with the activities open to the public of this great international event, Infecar will host a professional fair that will feature the presence of leading music companies. In this way, record labels, programmers, distributors and editors coming from a large variety of countries, in order to offer information related to their professional work, or to exchange experiences.

Womex will grant the capital a significant economic impact. In this sense, it is estimated that the city may enter more than 2.5 million euros, and may create 450 jobs. As an important fact, it should be noted that 80% of production expenses will directly revert to insular companies. This work is possible thanks to the assistance of the 2,500 participants from over one hundred nationalities, and the 300 musicians from 51 countries.

The fair also allows an excellent promotion of the Island, and music that is born in the Archipelago. In fact, important artists like Mariza or Cesária Évora achieved a great international projection after participating in this festival. On this occasion, the new edition features an outstanding Canarian poster in which, in addition to Germán López y Caracoles, there are artists of the stature of Olga Cerpa Y Mestisay, or Timples, and other Small Guitars of the World.

The fair It still keeps registrations open, and already exceeds 270 stands hired by more than 700 companies. This outstanding international project also has the certification of the Unesco Global Alliance Cultural Diversity, in recognition of its commitment to promote cultural diversity around the world.

The international project for the development of world music celebrated its latest edition in the Polish city of Katowice. The organization is run by the German company Piranha Arts, and has local partners such as Nordesía Producións and Mirmidón Producciones. Also, among the main sponsors of Womex are the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the capital city council.


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