July 25, 2021

Womex faces a "successful edition" – The Province

Womex faces a "successful edition" - The Province

The Gran Canaria capital count the days to celebrate that the fair Womex, the largest professional music forum in the world, who has found accommodation in the city after three years of negotiations and preparations. The 24th edition of this forum lands on the Island between October 24 and 28 next, as of yesterday Friday, the organization already speaks of a "successful edition", as qualified by Antón Martínez, representative of Nordesía, local producer of Womex 2018 together with Mirmidón Producciones, who participate in this international forum that promotes Piranha company, based in the city of Berlin.

"The registration is still open, but all the parameters have been met to say that it is a successful edition, the stands were sold, the exhibitors are here, we have more than 700 companies, and an important fact – according to Antón Martínez- is that there are almost a thousand programmers, which is a very high data, and this makes artists around the world strive to come and participate and present their music here. "

The program of Womex, which arrives in the capital of Gran Canaria after last year's edition held in the Polish city of Katowice, takes place between Infecar, the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, the Gabriel Rodó room, at the headquarters of the Philharmonic Orchestra and Plaza de music. The numbers that Womex moves in 2018 give account of the enversability of the project: some 2,500 participants from a hundred countries, 300 musicians of 51 nationalities and about 200 journalists. The professional part includes more than 270 stands with more than 700 companies, as announced by the head of Nordesia. The musical offer includes 60 musical performances -of which, 46 open to the public with entrance- projections of fifteen films -three of them, with access to the public- some thirty training conferences given by some 60 experts.

"This is a fair of recruitment, not only exhibition, closing markets, and that is why it is so important to have two useful and viable spaces for this development as a professional fairground as we have here in Infecar, the Auditorium and some spaces that allow the presentation of music to the highest international standard ", underlined Antón Martín in Infecar, in the presentation of the Womex programming. The premiere of Womex has had to overcome many obstacles, but yesterday the organization as the three institutions that support the world's music fair economically, congratulated themselves on the achievement of objectives.

The presentation was attended by Antonio Morales; the mayor of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Augusto Hidalgo; the general director of Cultural Promotion of the Canary Islands Government, Aurora Moreno; the insular advisor of Economic Development, Energy and R + D + I, Raúl García Brink; the Councilor for Culture of the Cabildo, Carlos Ruiz; the councilor of Culture of the capital Consistory, Encarna Galván González; and Antón Martínez. Both Morales and Hidalgo highlighted the effort to bring Womex to the city, and evoked the visit to Katowice last year when the witness was picked up by local authorities.

"Further south"

The event is a test of fire for the organization, since it is "the Womex further south, the audacity to go to a place outside the continent", in the words of Antón Martínez. "The Canarian case is quite unique, people did not know exactly if the delegates were going to respond in the same way, especially the exhibitors, to bring all the material to here, we are talking about root music and not the big corporations, but of small and medium companies, and moving and moving material up to here was not easy, "said Martínez.

According to him, "the objective is to take advantage of the proximity of the Canary Islands to the African continent, which until now had a very small presence in Womex, to increase it not only from the point of the artists who were always present but also from professionals. there is a high participation of African professionals ".

In his opinion, and after thanking the support of the local partners – he also quoted to Ecopress and Salan Producciones, that "without them it had never been possible" – "the Womex presents a unique opportunity to see artists because in this edition, of the 46 concerts that are scheduled, there are 20 that have never been presented before in Europe and for the first time, and they do it here in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ".

In this edition, Olga Cerpa and Mestisay and the project Timples and Other Small Guitars of the World, selected on stage Atlantic Connections, while Caracoles will be part of the inaugural gala directed by Germán López. In addition, the week before Womex, a group of programmers will be able to discover, outside programming, different Canarian artists in format showcase


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