April 15, 2021

Women's Soccer: The Barça coach denounces a racist insult to Andressa that Rayo denies | sports

Women's Soccer: The Barça coach denounces a racist insult to Andressa that Rayo denies | sports

The Barcelona Women's coach, Lluís Cortés, explained after the 0-4 victory against Rayo Vallecano, on Sunday, that the Brazilian player of his team, Andressa Alves, expelled in the 74th minute, "received a racist insult". The accusation was denied by the Rayo player, Shei García, who in turn accused Barcelona of damaging his image.

Cortés, at the end of the game, explained. "Andressa is a foreign player who receives a racist insult during the game and that is a very serious issue that we have to eradicate among all", explained the Barça coach at the end of the game, corresponding to the 20th round of the Iberdrola League. The Barcelona coach said he did not justify the Brazilian international's reaction to his team. But he added: "People must understand that racist insults are very serious," and asked: "We must try together to make this happen no more." Andressa Alves was expelled after facing a rival player just after that set.

Shei García, the Rayo player involved in the incident, denied in her social networks having proffered any racist insult to Andressa. "I clarify what happened! My image will not be tainted when at no time have I said racist insults to the Barça player. I hope that a club like Barça will stop staining the image of a player who only wants to enjoy her dream of playing football, Gracias ", is included in two tweets published by Shei García in her social network.

The record of the collegiate, Villegas Navas, as revealed by the player rayista Sole, does not collect any insult thrown by the player of the Women's Ray. Irene Ferreras, coach of the team, came out in defense of her soccer player: "No Rayo Vallecano player has racist behavior. Neither hard entry, nor insult. I add, Sheila is the most noble player I've ever had the luck to train. "

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