Women's record on the EBAU podium

At the head in terms of results are Yurena Peña Alonso, from the IES Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura), Martina López Hernández, from the Colegio Hispano Inglés and Manuel Delgado Sosa, from the IES de Guía. All three, with an average 10 in Baccalaureate, also reached 10 in all common subjects and in the modality. They follow him very closely with a 9.98, Naim García Aparicio, from IES Villa de Firgas; Claudia Melián Castellano, from IES La Minilla; and Noelia Cabrera Vera, from the Colegio Hispano Inglés. With a 9.96 are Nyra Alayón Marrero, from IES Santiago Santana de Arucas; and Paula Santana Marrero, from Colegio Heidelberg; while Laura Marrero León, from the IES Bañaderos School, and Cristina Guerra Marrero, from the IES de Guía, obtained a final grade of 9.95. Laura Serrano Delgado, from IES Vega de San Mateo, completes the ranking with a 9.93.

92.71% of the 6,019 students presented in Las Palmas approve the selectivity


Yurena Peña, who has achieved a grade to study Medicine in Salamanca, assures that her 10 is made with a lot of effort and sacrifice. «It has been based on studying every day, with great perseverance. I knew that I needed a very high grade to enter Medicine, I always had that goal in my mind, and when I felt tired of studying I would say, I have to get to a high grade. So perseverance, a lot of effort and the support of your family and friends.

Her career choice is vocational, since she was a child she was clear that she wanted to be a doctor, and she has always liked Neurology, although she does not want to take any of the steps that await her in the new stage that lies ahead. «Now the first thing is to enter the degree and it will be seen. It has always seemed very nice to have in your hands the possibility of improving a person's life or even saving it, so I like any medical specialty ».

Yurena Peña, Martina López and Manuel Delgado reach 10 in the entire general phase


Manuel Delgado also opts for Medicine, and has worked "with great perseverance and effort" to enter the career at the ULPGC. «I did not expect to have a 10 in everything, although I knew that I would have a good grade because I studied a lot and the exams came out quite well. In my case, when I set a goal, I strive to achieve it, and in this case it was to achieve the highest possible grade. The classes this year have been face-to-face and the teachers have helped us a lot to prepare, but basically it is to organize ourselves », says the young man, who would like to dedicate himself to general or cardiothoracic surgery in the future.

From science to letters

The third 10 of the EBAU in the ULPGC has been taken by Martina López, thanks to "a lot of discipline, work and above all the support of the family and teachers, the formula has no more science." He confesses that he has always had good grades, "because I am quite self-demanding and I feel that urge to push myself until I achieve everything I set my mind to."

After completing the Baccalaureate in Science, Martina has opted to study a degree in Letters, International Relations, and she will do so in the Netherlands. «In recent months I have begun to notice that I like letters more than science, and something that combines law, languages, international relations, conflicts, resolutions ..., so I have decided on International Relations and in Holland because it has a very good reputation for this branch.

Naim García, with a 9.98 in the final grade, touched 10 despite the fact that to study the career he wants, Civil Engineering at the ULPGC, he only needed a 5. «The key is to organize yourself well to share the time between resting and study, and it is very important to prepare summaries to synthesize the matter. Engineering comes from a vocation, «I am a very technical person, I like calculations a lot» and he confesses that although he did not need a grade to enter «I have made an effort to achieve the maximum for a matter of personal motivation, to see that I can be capable, even so I did not expect so much, I went with that illusion but does not expect to go that far. My mother is the one who tells me that if she expected it because she knows that I am capable of everything ».

Claudia Melián, who also wants to study Medicine at the ULPGC, confesses that she is sorry for not having reached those two tenths that separate her from 10, and assures that the secret of her good grades is her parents. «They are both teachers and with my sister and me they have always been helping us to study since we were little, making diagrams for us when we were little, and I think that habit has stuck with me. In addition, I quite like studying, it is not difficult for me to sit down and spend hours studying ».

His vocation for medicine is relatively recent. «I am a person who has always gone through phases, I really like to read and when I read a book, if the protagonist was a rider, I wanted to be a rider, then it was a bit crazy. But I have always liked biology a lot and medicine is a profession that caught my attention, but for a couple of years that idea has been reinforced. Before the Covid it was already quite clear to me and what the pandemic has done is that I admire the profession even more if possible.

Noelia Cabrera, for her part, was clear that her grade was going to be good, "because at school they have prepared us super well throughout high school and I haven't stopped studying." She has also known since she was little that her future is to be a teacher, although she has not yet decided whether for Infant or Primary. "Since I was little I have always liked children, when there was one around, instead of being with my friends I used to play with the little ones and teach them things," says the future ULPGC student. «I am between enrolling in the Infant grade or in the Primary one. The first because I see a small child and I die, but it is true that Primary is more focused on teaching them to read, to write, and it seems to me to be one of the most beautiful and important things there is and that it is little valued.

Paula Santana and Laura Serrano also want to study Medicine; while Laura Marrero may opt for Engineering and Cristina Guerra opts for the double degree of Hispanic and Classical Philology. All, except Yurena Peña, Naim García and Noelia Cabrera, who were outside the Island, were received yesterday by the rector of the ULPGC, Lluís Serra Majem, the vice rector for Students, Alumni and Employability, David Sánchez, and the director of Acceso, Nicanor Guerra Quintana, to congratulate them on their grades and encourage them to continue with the same drive their university education.


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