April 14, 2021

Women's football, told by the protagonists themselves – La Provincia

The Hermitage of San Pedro Mártir de Telde hosts the First Women's Soccer Conference in the Canary Islands, which will take place tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. In this way, players, coaches and referees tell the reality of women's football in the first person.

Currently, the number of female licenses in this modality is unknown in this year 2019. In 2018 there were a total of 2,207 women practicing this sport, compared to 45,768 male licenses in the same year.

If we add to this the low number of women who represent the clubs or the referees who lead parties in our Canary community, we will see how football still does not achieve real and effective equality in society in general, although important steps are being perceived as for its visibility and promotion.

With the aim of making visible the reality of the women who participate in this modality, an act has been organized to analyze and understand first hand the difficulties, motivations, interests, life stories and the overcoming of the protagonists.

There will be five tables, all of them represented by women among which are members of the Inter-island Federation of Women's Soccer in Las Palmas, coaches, club members, members of the FIFLP Football Referee Technical Committee and players from different Grand clubs Canaria

At 18.30 hours the opening of the day will take place in the Hermitage of San Pedro. Then, Sonja Arup and Noelia Monreal will discuss women in representative positions of the Federation and clubs.

At 7:00 pm, the presentation by Vanessa Alemán and Belén González will take place on the training, technique and values ​​of the coaches. Doctoral player FS Alba Tejera will explain the reality of the players on and off the field at 19.30. Andrea Briggitte and María Siracusa will offer the vision of the colleges to complete the day.

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