Women's Day: I remember the 'Star Trek' miniskirts | TV

I remember that Chicho touches me, touches me more and more; mamma, Chicho touches me, touches me, touches me, defends me. I remember what the black man has got. I remember my friend I., who was fired while pregnant (or because she is pregnant, cause and condition are the same here). I remember that whenever you come back home you catch me in the kitchen, smeared with flour, with my hands in the dough. I remember an uncle of mine shouting at my aunt, in front of the whole family, why the hell their fucking shirts were not already ironed. I remember that they always bring the bill to me, although my partner asks for it. I remember that, in the first chapter of Star Trek, an officer in a miniskirt carried some papers to Captain Pike, who was paralyzed for a moment and apologized saying: "I will never get used to seeing women in Starfleet". I remember the first time my son came from school complaining because they had laughed at him because the toy he liked was girls. I remember Ana Orantes. I remember the young writers who took out a book, had children and did not write again. I remember that Pablo Iglesias has returned from parental leave as Moses came down from the mountain. I remember that the world of Star Wars is heading for extinction because there is only one female character for every 20 men. I remember that what you need is love. I remember that I did not have a paternity permit worthy of that name. I remember that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. I remember that, when I left a paid job that was not badly paid to stay at home and take care of my son while his mother continued working, they called me kept and vague. I remember Sabrina's tit. I remember too many things that do not deserve memories.


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