August 1, 2021

Women's Basketball World: Bronze medal, gold impact | sports

Women's Basketball World: Bronze medal, gold impact | sports

So far this century, the women's basketball team has risen 12 times to the podium: 8 in Europe, one in Games and three in World Cups, the last this Sunday in Tenerife with a bronze that prolongs a memorable trajectory of six consecutive medals in big tournaments Only Russia, with 10 metals in the same stretch, holds a sequence in which Spain wins by competitive persistence. The heirs of the USSR (which won 21 of the first 23 European championships between 1938 and 1991) fell off the World podium in 2006, the Olympic in 2008 and the continental in 2011. Neither France (seven medals since 2001), nor the Czech Republic (three) already resist the comparison. No European country holds the pace of Spain: gold in the European of 2013, silver in the 2014 World Cup, bronze in the European of 2015, silver in the Games of 2016, gold in the European of 2017 and bronze in this World Cup.

Before the triumph in the Eurobasket of 2013, where it was installed in glory, Spain was the fourth continental power and the sixth world in absolute category in the official ranking of the FIBA ​​of women's teams. But even then, it was the second world power in training categories, only behind the USA. The natural evolution of the success from the quarry has meant that, over the last five years, the Spanish players have undisputedly led the European list and are second in the World Cup, in a hierarchy that only threatens to alter the booming Australia of Liz Cambage.

The 12 medals in this century mark the hard road to the top of the group that has led the growth of women's sport in Spain: from the 389,933 licenses of 2001 to the current 839,985, with basketball always at the forefront with 118,260, according to data from the CSD of 2017. The number of chips of women in the basket still doubles those of football (60,329), which has already launched its powerful corporate and media machinery to diversify the product.

The Americans lift the World title
The Americans lift the World title AFP

Beyond the competition, the Tenerife World Cup fought the battle of visibility, for basketball and for women's sport. The platform has been take-off and has managed to transcend the tracks. "We value it as a great success. It has been the most watched women's tournament on television and more often by networks. It will be the prelude to a new era for women's basketball, "proclaimed the president of the FIBA, Horacio Muratore, before the closing ceremony. "We have been betting for the development of women's basketball for some time and Spain is the country that has advanced the most in that movement. Since the organization of the World Cup was granted, in 2016, the Universo Mujer program reached other sports and became a great vehicle to attract investment ", developed the leader, who announced in turn the implementation of the new competition calendar with the incorporation of classification windows as in the male calendar.

"That will give us a constant presence of the national teams, a greater exposure that is what we are looking for. This has to serve as a multiplier effect throughout Europe and the world, "Muratore added. "The pavilions have been full and a great basketball atmosphere has been experienced. Not only with the games in Spain. We believe that we have given the final push to women's basketball, "said the president of the Spanish Federation, Jorge Garbajosa, anticipating some data for optimism.

Wallin Kantzy, Garbajosa, Muratore and Montero, in the World Cup
Wallin Kantzy, Garbajosa, Muratore and Montero, in the World Cup

In the first phase of the tournament, 86% of the tickets were issued in the Santiago Martín and 88% in the Quico Cabrea, with an average occupation close to 50% in the matches in which Spain did not play and close to 80% in those of the USA In the final phase all tickets were sold, the host's matches grew in attendance from 85 to 95% and the average occupation was around 60%. As for the international projection, the more than 300 accredited media and the 145 countries with television rights multiplied the visibility and repercussion of the tournament with an unprecedented audience in Spain in women's basketball.

"Something is shaking up and the figures of this World Cup prove it," said the director of the World Cup, José Montero, who left the historical fact that the Australia-China quarter was seen by 35 million people in the World Cup. Asian country. "The Spanish Basketball Federation is working hard and well to match the level of men and women. The social projects associated with the event are basic and it is an advance that the media take women's sport more and more seriously, without falling into constant comparison. It is a great pride, "added Lena Wallin-Kantzy, member of the Executive Committee of FIBA, in the presentation of the balance sheet of the tournament.

In global terms, the seven parties in Spain reached an average audience of 400,000 viewers in Teledeporte, with peaks of 800,000 in all matches, multiplying the share of the chain from 1 to 4.5%. The negotiations of the Federation did not succeed so that the semifinal and the match for the bronze were broadcast in La1, but the spaces dedicated to the female selection in TVE TV newscasts endorsed the interest in the championship with 12-13% share figures . The conquest of European gold last year, which was televised with the global coverage of La1, gathered 1,370,000 spectators and the follow-up is consolidated with the medals.

The figures of the World Cup far exceed those of the matches of the Women's Day League (with a follow-up of 60,000-80,000 spectators that increases to 110.00 in the playoffs) and closely resemble those of the games of the first ranking windows of the men's team (which as a best data had a 4.2 share in Cuatro in Spain-Montenegro played in Zaragoza). On Sunday, the bronze of Spain was seen more than the gold of Alejandro Valverde. "This World Cup has been a great achievement of visibility and I hope it continues. I ask for it every summer. That the same connection be maintained with us during the year. And, at least, that people continue to wear the national team in summer, "said the captain, Laia Palau. "Let's be realistic. The media coverage of this World Cup will mark a before and after, it is a point of inflection, but we do not think that we have arrived. We have taken a big step but this is a very long road in which everyone has to help. It is a transversal work, "finished the coach, Lucas Mondelo.

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