August 5, 2021

Womenalia Inspiration Day: Follow the event live

Arrives Womenalia Inspiration Day by Woman. For two days some of the managers and entrepreneurs Spain’s most important speakers will participate as speakers at different dialogue tables and more than 1,500 professional women will connect live to contribute their experiences in this event, which for the first time will be free and online.

The value of achieve your dreams, to work, to innovate and create, to undertake and grow, of being a mother, of being wrong or failing, of joy, of moving forward. And why not ?, also to renew, to reinvent itself. This is the inspiring purpose that will serve as the main axis of the V edition of Womenalia Inspiration Day by Woman, the main event for professional women in Europe (and the men who believe in them), which will feature the dissemination of Womenalia, Prensa Ibérica, Grupo Zeta and Woman.

Follow the event in streaming:


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