January 15, 2021

Women (with them)

Women (with them)

Are men aware of the barriers they encounter women to reach the positions they hold? We spoke with the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, with the sportsman Chema Martínez and the politician Ignacio Aguado to analyze what the masculine role should be in the feminist struggle. "It is a task that involves everyone so that there are no privileges due to sex," they agree.

Antonio Garamendi 61 years old President of the CEOE

«We must have an active role»

The president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) says that, "despite the efforts made by employers and business organizations and everything that has progressed in terms of equality in the business world, there are still certain inequalities » For this reason, he explains to this newspaper that "from CEOE we continue to raise awareness among companies to make the 50/50 amount a reality. The vast majority of Spanish companies know the importance of incorporating female talent to increase the competitiveness of their companies. In fact, he sets a good example and in his team there are a large number of women. The Confederation has in fact incorporated almost ten women in positions of high responsibility. "Not only is this a question in which only the business sector intervenes. It is everyone's task. It is a right of women and a duty of the whole society. We must intervene employers, workers and society in general. From the organization that presides they have developed the Promociona Project in order to promote the access of women to positions of high responsibility in companies. "More than 370 companies and 617 women executives have already participated, of which 45% have promoted," he explains proudly. As for quotas, Garamendi affirms "that it is always better to start from principles of voluntariness, capacity, merits and talent, before those of obligation. And increase our efforts to raise awareness in the face of discrimination. " For this committed entrepreneur, the role of man in the struggle for equality is paramount. He, at least, does not want to be on the sidelines. "We must have a very active and absolutely committed role in achieving that 50/50 that adds and makes Equality real and effective. Conclusion, 100: 50/50 », concludes.

Chema Martínez 47 years old Ex athlete

«They should be able to run alone without fear»

Women who run. Better said, women who want to run without fear. The crime of Laura Luelmo, the teacher of 26 years murdered in El Campillo (Huelva) when she went alone to make the purchase, unleashed a movement in the networks in favor of those who want to go out without feeling harassed, watched, observed. The runners are a good example of this and now they demand to be able to exercise this sport without the fear that they will have a fatality. Would the former athlete Chema Martínez have thought the same if she had been a woman? «The case of Luelmo gave me what to think. I have never been afraid when it comes to running or going alone on the street, but his case made me reflect on this matter. It's sad that a woman alone can not go running. What is clear is that we are not on equal terms men and women. I thought that we had evolved in this sense and believed that there was no such fear. But in these months I have spoken with many women to know what they think and yes I have seen that this happens. They face that feeling of insecurity that we do not suffer. We can go calm anywhere at any time and they should be able to live the same, "explains the athlete. He adds that "the explosion of the world of running has been thanks to the involvement of women." For Martínez there is no total equality between both genders because if that were the case we would not be talking about it. "Gender should not add or subtract, but what has to be taken into account is how much the person is worth, for what he is, for his training …", he says. «You have to give normality. Now we are determined that women have more prominence, but that is not the case either. Normalization is equality, because we are the same and this is the basis, "he argues. Martínez acknowledges that he does not have the perfect recipe to achieve this perfect situation, but he trusts the new generations so that they get us to be a modern and formed society.

Ignacio Aguado 36 years Spokesperson CS at the Madrid Assembly

«Caring for children is a matter of two»

A year ago, Ignacio Aguado was a father and nobody took to the public debate whether he would return before or after the paternity leave or how he would manage his «new life». The issue of conciliation is one of the main feminist demands. The spokesman of the parliamentary group of Citizens in the Assembly of Madrid tells us about this problem and how he has lived it. "There continues to be a wage gap between men and women that precisely begins to be created when she takes maternity leave. Various studies affirm that their and their wages evolve at the same time until motherhood and then it collapses in the case of women and no longer equals men at any time ». Aguado confesses that it is his wife who "has sacrificed much more than him", but he assures that he tries to make paternity compatible with work in the best way. In fact, at eight o'clock in the afternoon he closes his agenda. So they agreed between them. "We must promote effective co-responsibility and end with asymmetric complementarity, that is, that man is not to help women, but to share all tasks, such as what it means to care for and educate a child. When men assimilate this co-responsibility, then the time will come to distribute the tasks. I take the child to the nursery in the morning and in the afternoon, after four, it is my wife who takes care of him. On weekends, I'm the one who stays with him and she "takes it free." "It is also true that there are some women who voluntarily decide to focus on caring for their children, and to turn away from their work life. I've seen it in my sister's case. She was a young auditor who ate the world at work, had great professional aspirations, but having her first daughter changed her life. Reduced day was taken. He was not pressured by society or her husband. It was his choice, "he says.


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