January 26, 2021

Women (with them)

Women (with them)

Diana Carroto, 26 years. Maid

"We must continue to fight hard for our rights and our dignity, to be respected as women. This year I will not be able to go to the demonstration, but my heart will be with everyone. We can not go back to the past »

Rosario Moreno, 71 years old retired

"I am a mother of four children and I made an effort to promote the values ​​of equality in a house where I was the only woman. I am a woman, feminine and feminist, but not radical. Some people have very thin skin »

Ruth Vega, 40 years. Saleswoman

«I was born in Argentina and there is more machismo there. In Spain I see that the situation is much better, but we must understand that total equality is difficult to achieve. Of course, we should have the same rights »

Natalia Jiménez, 21 years. Dancer

"It is good that young women shout for equality, the future is in our hands and we must fight for a better world in which men and women are equal. Today I go out to the street to demand it »

Chiara Sabino, 53 years. Financial executive

"The harassment suffered by women in different areas is terrible. We need social policies that protect us and above all, awareness. The solution is in the social base that we are all of us »

Pilar Varela, 67 years Pharmaceutical

«I am horrified to speak of feminism, I do not share this fever that has been unleashed. We must fight for equality, but not so, using it for a political purpose. What you have to achieve is that the woman is independent »

Esther Once, 65 years Merchant

"We are approaching equality, but there is still a long way to go. The work of parents in the education of their children, as well as in school, is fundamental, we must start with the foundations »

Vega González, 21 years. student

"The key to ending machismo is education and dedicating time and money to equality policies. It is exciting to see how women have raised their voices and we went out to demonstrate together »


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