July 27, 2021

Women with HIV over 50 have a worse quality of life than men

Women with HIV over 50 have a worse quality of life than men

Women older than 50 years with HIV have worse physical function and quality of life than infected men of the same age range, despite having better immune recovery and fewer cardiovascular risk factors.

This is confirmed by an international research involving experts from the Infanta Leonor and Ramón y Cajal university hospitals in Madrid, and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy), which has been presented within the framework of the Gesida National Congress ( Study Group on AIDS), which is being held in Madrid until tomorrow.

The researchers evaluated 1,126 older adults with HIV, of whom 284 (25.2%) were women and the median age was 55 years.

According to the results obtained in the SPPB (Short Physical Performance Battery) scale, used to detect early functional deterioration, and establishing a score in which nine was the frontier for those at risk of disability, 11.1% women scored below that figure, compared with 5.6% of men, Gesida reports in a note.

The data also indicated differences between sexes in terms of alcohol consumption (80.6% of women did not drink at all compared to 66.5% of men), cardiovascular diseases (present in 11% of men and 2%). , 8% of women), hypertension (60.3% in men and 38.7% in women), diabetes (11.65% in women and 22.9% in men) and kidney failure (33.1%). % in women versus 17.9%).

However, the researchers found no differences between women and men in terms of physical activity, smoking, dyslipidemia, COPD, lipodystrophy, cirrhosis, vitamin D insufficiency, sarcopenia, AIDS malignancy, among others.

The mean Body Mass Index was 23.4 in women and 24.9 in men.


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