«Women who want to be executive, believe it»

«Women who want to be executive, believe it»


This week more than a thousand women leaders, innovators and pioneers from all over the world have gathered in Barcelona to analyze current global problems from a female perspective. An initiative of International Women's Forum (IWF) in Spain who has counted on the directive Ana Muñoz as co-president of the conference. Independent director of the companies Natra, Tubos Reunidos and Lantero group, believes that the role of women in management positions of Spanish companies will be increasingly relevant, something that will come naturally. «The world goes towards what is good for the company and for the community; the more varied the company, the better for everyone. Imposing things is not good, "he explains. Ana Muñoz to ABC. With extensive professional experience in the financial, food, services, distribution, industrial and premium products sectors, he has worked in England, Switzerland, the United States and Spain. «I returned to Spain 20 years ago and in this time I have seen a brutal change. It is key that the woman continues betting to be formed very well and, those who want to be executive, that they create it ", highlights

The presence of women in management positions in Spanish companies increased weakly in 2018, until reaching around 15%, compared to 24% of female managers in European companies and in a context in which the wage gap exceeds 4,800 euros (in 2017 the average salary of women was 29% lower than that of men) and in which advances in parity, at the top, were they have slowed down, freezing slightly more than 23% the female presence in the decision centers of the Ibex 35. Why this difference between Spain and the rest of Europe? "Who knows. It may be that Spanish society has been traditional, where the role of women was to be at home. If you look at women under 30 it is very different. Technology is helping a lot to not have this inequality, "says the counselor.

Directives in Spanish companies add up to 15%, compared to 24% in Europe

Ana Muñoz has worked for both small and multinational companies and does not find any difference in the opening of companies to the presence of women, although "if there is a culture of change, everything goes faster if the company is bigger". And it emphasizes that, in general, "in the family businesses, women are given more opportunities. Parents prepare their daughters well and do not mind choosing them before a child if they are better prepared. " Also, the presence of women in traditionally male sectors, such as construction or technology, is becoming apparent.

He does not like to talk about the strengths of women in a company but of feminine traits that companies adopt but that can exercise both men and women. «Sensitivity, listening, teamwork ... is something that mixes together and that is what is beautiful, that there is diversity», he clarifies. He is also optimistic when talking about conciliation, "because a project as beautiful as the family involves sacrifices from both parties," and encourages companies to be more flexible with their workers. And that they look for more facilities, "like having nurseries in the companies, although some already have them. These are details that make things much easier, "he says.


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