Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Women paint facade and door of National Palace for feminicide in Mexico

A group of about a hundred women painted on the facade and one of the doors of the National Palace to protest against feminicides in Mexico, after the media case of the murder and dismemberment at the hands of his partner Ingrid Escamilla, occurred last Sunday.

The protesters, who gathered around 06.00 local time (12.00 GMT), sing feminist proclamations at the gates of the National Palace and perform graffiti on the facade and floor of the presidential residence, and even on at least one occasion they tried to tear down the door .

“Your silence is complicit”, “They are killing us” or “Indifferent President”, were some of the claims stamped on the wall of the Mexican president’s house, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

In statements to the media, a protester accused the president of carrying out a “state femicide” and called for “concrete actions” against violence against women.

When López Obrador began his usual morning conference inside the building, the Protestants read a manifesto outside the premises against feminicide and made a small bonfire with papers and cards with written proclamations.

“We are asking you to fulfill your obligations,” the statement of the protesters finished, while the rest of the women asked the president to show his face and reproached his political priorities to the shout of “Justice yes, raffle no”, in reference to the controversial raffle special on behalf of the presidential plane.

This protest is the first of those convened for this February 14 in the Mexican capital and in several cities of the country after the crime and filtration of the images of the body of Escamilla to the press.

In August of last year, a march against sexist violence ended with multiple destruction in urban furniture and public transport stations.

In an open letter against gender-based violence, more than 20 organizations denounced on Thursday that every day there are 10 homicides of women in Mexico, which registered 1,006 feminicides – death due to gender – in 2019, according to the Executive Secretariat of the National System of Public Security (SESNSP).

This Thursday, at least a dozen feminists were already protesting in the morning in front of the National Palace with a giant lottery ticket in reference to the raffle of the presidential plane of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who this week asked “that the subject is nothing more about feminicide, “when talking about this raffle.

The president reiterated during his morning press conference on Thursday that he is against replacing the criminal figure of feminicide with that of “aggravated homicide,” as the attorney general Alejandro Gertz Manero proposed.

“By convictions, by principles, I am against feminicide. It is unacceptable, abhorrent, it is something that cannot be allowed and that we have to face with all means, with all the strength and forms that the Government has,” he replied. the president before the questions of the press.


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