Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Women of Mexican culture call for the end of violence in a new movement

Women of Mexican culture call for the end of violence in a new movement

Women of the world of culture of Mexico joined in the #MujeresJuntasMarabunta movement "in the face of the normalization of violence that has historically registered in the spaces" where they carry out their work and their lives, as they explained in a press release Thursday.

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Despite the fact that, they say, daily harassment in all areas "is not about something new", it has been too long since this type of attitude and actions have been kept silent for fear of reprisals or exclusion.

With this movement, arising from the #MeTooEscritoresMexicanos, aim to contribute to the break with the "unwritten rules" of power relations in culture, dominated "fundamentally by more powerful men," they said.

The collective recalled that every day in Mexico nine women are murdered for reasons of gender, in part because the justice system "not only does not serve the victims, but revictimizes them."

In addition, due to the controversy started with the suicide of the band member Botellita de Jerez, Armando Vega Gil, allegedly due to the accusations he received within the #MeTooMusicosMexicanos, the women of this movement insisted that this mechanism does not intend "derision public".

Rather, they explained, it is a "political tool that points out and exposes violence that has wanted to remain in the domain of the private for the convenience of those who perpetrate acts of harassment and harassment."

Therefore, #MujeresJuntasMarabunta presented 10 demands regarding the need to reduce violence of all kinds towards women in the Mexican cultural world and thus create safe spaces for them.

Among other things, they ask for self-criticism from the men who work in the culture and also a gender perspective in their operation for companies and publishers.

Finally, they assured that they will remain "firm and supportive from all platforms (...) until they transform the practices that normalize machismo in the cultural guilds".

Since last March 21, the communicator Ana Ge denounces on Twitter that "a powerful man of the literary circle", whom he later identified as Herson Barona, had manipulated, pregnant and abandoned more than ten women.

It was from this accusation that in this social network many women were encouraged to reveal various cases, using the #MeToo that emerged at the end of 2017 in the United States, to denounce harassment and sexual abuse of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

In this way, the #Metoo movement reappeared with force in Mexico and soon expanded from literature to the world of music or journalism, denouncing cases of abuse by men.


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