Sun. Mar 24th, 2019

Women go back to the streets to tell the parties "not a step back"

Women go back to the streets to tell the parties "not a step back"

The feminist movement will return tomorrow to the streets of the whole Spanish geography to protest against political parties that want to "market" with women's rights and to send them a clear message: "Our rights are not negotiated. "

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Under this motto numerous groups of women have joined the Andalusian feminists, who were the first to convene tomorrow in Seville a rally in front of the regional Parliament on the occasion of the investiture debate and to protest the postulates of Vox on the male violence that suffer women.

These concentrations in more than 50 Spanish cities will be the starting signal for the "long history" of "constant, permanent and insistent mobilizations" that feminist organizations have announced to protest against Vox and the political parties that support their "pretensions and impositions".

On January 9 more than a hundred feminist groups signed a manifesto against the repeal of the law of protection against gender violence, an "intolerable" measure that Vox required to support the PP and Cs Government in Andalusia, although in the agreement finally reached was not agreed.

In this text, the training led by Santiago Abascal is required to stop "cheating the citizens" and warns that women will not "consent to the elimination" of their rights: "The feminist movement is unstoppable," says The manifesto.

"There will be a continuous mobilization until it is necessary," warned feminist organizations, which recalled that historically, with each new advance of women, there is a strong response from the patriarchy to prevent it, an attack they attend with "indignation but not with impotence".

A Coruña, Zaragoza, Madrid, Albacete, Zamora, Badajoz, Vitoria, Barcelona, ​​Vigo, Bilbao, Castellón, Guadalajara, Logroño, Las Palmas, Burgos, Pamplona, ​​Salamanca, Toledo, Santander, Valencia and Santiago de Compostela are some of the cities in which the organizations will be mobilized at seven in the afternoon.

At an international level there are concentrations organized in Buenos Aires, Berlin and Paris.

The feminist associations are studying the possibility of complaining against Vox for insults and slander, as well as requesting the outlawing of this "far right" party for not adapting to the constitutional principles of equality.

"They want to create confusion, false news and fallacious arguments to discredit women's rights and perpetuate discrimination," said the president of the Progressive Women's State Federation, Yolanda Besteiro.


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