Women demand justice for the Bolivian "Herd" victim

Women demand justice for the Bolivian "Herd" victim

Dozens of women protested today in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz to demand that justice be done in the case of the gang rape of a young woman who ended up in the hospital, known as "The Bolivian Manada."

The group arrived tonight to the Palace of Justice of that eastern city with banners that carried messages such as "Never again have the comfort of our silence" and chanted slogans like "I do believe you", according to a video shared on Twitter by the newspaper Cruceño El Deber.

Protesters demand thirty years in prison, the maximum penalty in Bolivian legislation, for the five young men, one of them a minor, accused of raping an 18-year-old girl who was admitted to intensive care in a hospital.

The event generated a notable indignation in the country, where social networks were compared to the one known as "La Manada" of Spain, the group of five young people sentenced to nine years in prison for sexual assault on a girl at the San Fermin in 2016.

The young woman assaulted in Santa Cruz was admitted to a hospital in a critical situation, with injuries to several parts of her body and the presence of six different drugs in her blood, according to her lawyer's story.

The five young men were arrested and a judge on Tuesday determined to send the four adults in custody to prison.

The vice president of the country, Álvaro García Linera, was "horrified" by the case on Friday and urged society to stop violence against women and children.

The authority commented that the defendants in this case are friends of the victim and regretted that relatives of the young people have defended them publicly and even blamed the girl.


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