February 27, 2021

Women charge 2.17 euros less per hour than men

Women receive 13.93 euros on average per hour worked in Spain, 2.17 euros less than a man who charges 16.1 euros, according to a study by the USO union that denounces that this gap worsens in partial and temporary work penalizing so doubly female employment.

According to the report presented on Wednesday on the situation of women during their working life and retirement, women have 5% more time than men and, above all, they charge with partiality: 74.5% of contracts part-time work corresponds to women compared to 25.5% of men.

Thus, and taking into account that the hours of temporary and partial contracts are paid worse than those of permanent and full time, this double penalty occurs: "besides working fewer hours, theirs have less value" explained the Secretary of Communication and USO Trade Union Studies, Laura Estévez.

The differences are also seen by Autonomous Communities with the Canary Islands with the lowest hour paid, 12.11 euros for women compared to 12.80 for men, and the Basque Country with the best compensation, 17.04 euros for women compared to € 19.55 for men.

The biggest gap is in Asturias with almost 4 euros difference – 13.16 euros per hour for women compared to 17,12 for men- while the lowest is in Extremadura, 12.63 euros compared to 13.18 euros , 0.55 euros.

The USO report also recalls that, although there are more women with higher education among the employed population than men, this does not translate into salaries: of every 4 people receiving the highest salary, eight times the SMI, 3 They are men and only 1 woman.

In contrast, below the SMI, 70% of salaries correspond to women.

This discrimination in the whole of working life, criticizes USO, is reflected in pensions where the gap between the average retirement of a man and a woman is 455 euros per month.

The following table shows the value of the hour of work by Autonomous Communities of men and women and the difference in euros with data from the 2017 salary survey published last June by the INE.

CCAAMwomenMenDifferenceCanarias12,112,180.69Murcia12,514,512.01Extremadura12.6313,180.55Galicia12.6314,652.02Castilla-La Mancha12,6814,051.37Andalucía12,7514,872.12Valencia12.8114,81,99Cantabria12,915,272.37Castilla y León12 , 9515,152.2Asturias13,1617,123.96La Rioja13,3815,171.79Aragón13,4115,832.42Baleares13,7914,480.69Cataluña14,5817,322.74Navarra15,4018,613.21Madrid15,5917,962.37Vasco Country17 , 0419,552.51Media13,9316,102.17

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