September 29, 2020

Without stigmas or barriers – La Provincia

Today is the celebration of World Mental Health Day. On this occasion, the commemorative day will take as a scenario on the Island the municipality of Agüimes to develop a set of activities that aim to break the stereotypes associated with people affected by a disease of these characteristics. In addition, another objective is to raise awareness in society about the relevance of integration.

Make visible and raise awareness. These are the pillars on which the celebration of World Mental Health Day on the Island is based, which, as every year, is celebrated on October 10. On this occasion, it is the municipality of Agüimes the scenario that hosts the development of a large variety of activities that, in addition to wanting to provide support to those affected by some pathology of these characteristics, aims to break the stereotypes and stigmas that revolve around to them. "We want to raise awareness in society that individuals with alterations in their mental health have a good prognosis for improvement, and even recovery. Only then, we can break the obstacles that hinder inclusion," says Javier Santiago, director of the psychosocial rehabilitation services of the company Insertion Canaria and member of the event organization committee.

Lack of knowledge

According to Santiago, the lack of knowledge about mental pathologies is an increasingly widespread problem that affects even individuals afflicted with any of these conditions. "There are very negative opinions about mental health problems and that leads, in many cases, to exclude individuals who suffer some kind of alteration. In fact, self-stigma has gained weight, because society tends to prosecute these people, leading them to fall into isolation, "warns the professional. The truth is that, many of these subjects manifest a remarkable level of awareness of the disease, so it is "essential" to provide them with the resources they need to promote their well-being.

Taking this into account, the person in charge of the rehabilitation services highlights the relevance of the day that the Villa de Agüimes celebrates today, to claim equal opportunities. "We will have the presence of 350 people with mental health problems that come from different day centers or that are part of the Alternative Accommodation Program. To this figure we must add the assistance of many of their relatives and other citizens who they want to join the cause, so we hope to gather more than 500, "he says enthusiastically.

Following this line, at 10:15 a.m. the official presentation of this event will take place in the square of Our Lady of the Rosary, which will be borne by the mayor of Agüimes. Then, two distinct areas will be established. "In the first one they will be installed differently stands that will show the work carried out in each of the rehabilitation centers of Gran Canaria. While the other will be destined to directed activities and music, "Santiago notes. And, until 1:00 p.m., the space will have such dynamic actions as the teaching of yoga, dance and workshops. Other aerobic activities

But that's not all, because the back of the Auditorio Theater of the municipality will hold a basketball tournament that will feature the presence of Herbalife Gran Canaria and Agüimes Basketball Club. "We want to claim, within the framework of a festive environment, that people who have mental health problems have the right to be an active part of society, without giving rise to marginalization," he emphasizes.

It should be noted that the celebration of this day has the support of Canarian Insertion, the City Council of Agüimes, the Island Council, the Institute of Social and Social Care and the Canary Health Service.

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