Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

"With images like this it will be difficult for companies to return"

Bonet, tras el 1-O: “Con imágenes así va a ser difícil que las empresas vuelvan”

The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain and of Freixenet, José Luis Bonet, has been shown this Tuesday "worried" about the violent acts registered this Monday on the first anniversary of the 1-O in Catalonia, and fears that they will repeat themselves, while warning of the "deterioration" of the economy and that it is "difficult" for companies to return to the region after the violent episodes.

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This was stated in an interview in RNE, collected by Europa Press, in which he has said to see as an "exception" the violent acts registered in Catalonia, but he has shown his "concern" for the images and his fear that they will be reproduced.

Danger of "serious damage"

"It's very bad, it's raining on wet, we are in a process of deterioration of the Catalan economy, particularly in Barcelona, ​​and episodes of this type are causing damage," warned Bonet, who has warned that they could lead to produce "serious damage".

"With images like the ones we have seen yesterday it will be difficult for companies to return," said Bonet, who pointed out that if you work for normal, "some may return" but others will not because "they can not run the the slightest risk of staying out of the EU. " "I do not frankly think that there will be independence but if the situation is clouded, some companies will forget the possibility of returning," he added.

The need for 155

Bonet has indicated that Catalonia "is not a less competitive destination", but considers that the impact of the independence challenge "begins to be noticed", reason why it believes that it has reached a point where "people should reflect if they leave. to pass from lost profit to an emerging damage ", because there will be" damage "to the welfare and employment of citizens.

In his opinion, the image of Catalonia is being "affected", and although he believes that the agreement between the Government and the Government to refinance the debt and inject 1,400 million in four years "should" channel the situation, if more episodes happen violent it is "much more difficult" the attempt to return to normal.

In any case, Bonet does not see in the current situation an "absolute necessity" to apply Article 155, as happened on October 1 of last year, but believes that it has been shown that there is a process of "very violent" people, what "at some point will be necessary" to put it back on track. Yes, he has defended that we must put an end to the current institutional anomaly in Catalonia.

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