January 24, 2021

With covid there are no lice?

The turnover of Kids & Nits, a pediculosis treatment franchise that was born in Granada and has spread throughout Spain and Portugal, has dropped by 35% since last March, when home confinement locked us all at home . Now, with schools and institutes open since September, their centers continue to notice the drop in customers. Especially among young children. Not so in adolescents, who continue to attend disinfection treatments regularly, according to Susana Martín, a company spokesperson.

Have people stopped going to professional establishments and prefer to exterminate undesirable hair tenants at home, a much cheaper option? Not seem. The sale of pharmaceutical products has also dropped considerably. According to data from the specialized consultancy IQVIA, in October, after the start of classes, antiparasitics for hair were the third personal care items that decreased the most after feminine creams that combat wrinkles and sunscreen . In contrast, IQVIA’s monthly report indicates that hair loss products and nail nutrition products were in the top 5 for sales growth. One of the factors that has been able to increase this voracious consumption, explains the consultant, is stress and its consequences on hair as a result of the pandemic.

Total eradication is unlikely because they are bothersome but not a health risk


Will still be among us

There will be those who are delusional and think that perhaps the human being – or rather, the covid – has finished with the lice. But no. They have been with us for several thousand years, something that is known because remains of parasites have been found in some Egyptian mummies. And they are still with us. “We have noticed a drop in customers, but we are not lacking work either. Lice are there. And for a while ”, admits an employee of Kids & Nits. And they will remain with us. Just remember that a female louse can lay on average about 10 eggs a day.

Lice adapt. They are increasingly resistant to chemicals. As long as there are human beings, there will be lice ”, sums up the spokesperson for the franchise, which does not use chemicals but a device that emits hot air to dehydrate (and kill) lice and nits. “Not only children and adolescents come to our centers. There are clients of all ages, including university students, mothers and grandparents ”.

Total eradication is highly unlikely. Why should science use its strength to kill lice? They really don’t do anything wrong. They neither cause disease nor are they a health risk. They just bother a lot. They are disgusting. Be careful, your head doesn’t always itch when you have them.

Fighting them at the user level is complicated. Among other things, by the amount of myths that circulate. That if the tea tree drives them away, that if they jump from head to head, that if the vinegar suffocates them, that if they only go to dirty hair, that if the dogs spread lice … Hoaxes. Throughout history, many absurd remedies have been tried. From chewing horse meat and spitting it on the head to applying dog grease or spraying kerosene.

There would be a 100% effective method for pediculosis to stop being the nightmare of mothers and fathers and it is summarized in one phrase: constant hunting and capture. Namely: go through the heads of children and adolescents once a week with a professional cleaner, not with those metal contraptions included in pharmacy kits and that are usually useless. “This practice should be considered as another hygiene rule, just like brushing your teeth three times a day. If all the families were to carry out that weekly review with the lendrera, maybe the lice would end, but I see it unlikely because there is not so much evidence in the homes, “concludes Martín.


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