"With all humility, I see myself presiding over the Canary Islands"

The president of the Popular Party of the Canary Islands, Manuel Domínguez. / C7

Knowing that he is unknown to a large part of the canaries, the popular leader considers that for the first time in a long time, the PP is an alternative government

B. Hernandez

B. HERNANDEZ The Gran Canarian palms

- After the victory of the PP in Andalusia, is it time to reduce the euphoria?

-The results obtained by Juanma Moreno are to enjoy and celebrate, but don't let that lift your feet off the ground. Regardless of what has happened in Andalusia, we must be aware that each territory is different and I never want to take my foot off prudence and continue working even more than before.

-Are you convinced that this wave will reach the islands?

-I have no doubt that what is happening is the Feijóo effect. Spain was lacking a serene, responsible, experienced, serious man, which is what Feijóo offers. The wave has reached the entire national territory and the Canary Islands are no strangers. Therefore, we must take advantage of the moment so that, if the citizens are a little more attentive to the Popular Party, they listen, they know what our project is, our program, our management idea and that they understand that wherever the PP arrives to manage, it is always consolidated: Galicia, Madrid, Castilla-León and now Andalusia. That is the goal we pursue in the Canary Islands.

-Since he acceded to the Presidency of the party, he has presented a moderate profile and has offered an outstretched hand to the Government.

-I am a moderate person and in this time I have opted to reach out, present proposals, help in what I think is positive for the canaries and stand up to what I think is negative. That style, which I bring from my municipal management, I am not going to change because I think it is what is needed in this land.

-Outstretched hand and proposals that the Government of the Canary Islands has not picked up. Is President Torres wrong in not accepting that glove that you offer him?

-You're totally wrong. Not because the proposals are from the PP are bad priori. We have put many initiatives on the table and none of them have been heeded. We have even talked about the special tax on fuel, which they voted against but later applied. The same thing happened with the tourist voucher. It makes no sense to reject everything that the PP presents because it is of a political color when it has been shown that they are good for the Canary Islands. I continue to hope that the Government understands that our work in the opposition is not to criticize, but to contribute, help and be on the side of the canaries.

«The Popular Party of the Canary Islands is not going to enter a Government at any price»

-The government program that you are presenting has as its star proposal the reduction of taxes. Is that what canaries need?

-We are talking about our plan to govern because the PP today is an alternative government. It has been a long time since we have been talked about as a fundamental element of the Government and we must be prepared. This plan has four legs: social, primary sector, health and economics. In this aspect, copying from where it is done well, like Madrid, we have to propose urgent fiscal relief. The President of the Government of Spain has already heard Feijóo's proposal and we hope that the proposals of the PP of the Canary Islands will be heard by Ángel Víctor Torres at a time when they say that there is financial health, that we have had a surplus from the previous year and that raised much more than expected.

-What happens then?

-I am absolutely convinced that the problem of the Canary Islands is not a problem of resources, but a problem of management. If there has been a surplus in 2021, it is because there have been enough resources. However, the results are what we all know: the Canary Islands is the community with the greatest poverty, the second worst in the management of the Dependency, one of the places where the least foreign investment arrives having the REF -this must be seen-. Therefore, I believe that the Canary Islands are worse off today than before with more resources. The largest funds in history are being managed by this government.

"The Canary Islands are worse than before, although the Government manages the largest resources in history"

-He says that the PP is an alternative government. Do you see yourself leading the Government of the Canary Islands, not as support for an Executive chaired by the CC or another party?

- With all humility and with my feet on the ground, I say yes. The Popular Party today has the possibility of holding the Presidency of the Government of the Canary Islands from 2023 without a doubt. We have an important job left, to let the canaries know what our plan is to govern.

-When that moment arrived, would they have red lines to agree on?

- Talking about red lines without having listened to the citizens seems absurd to me. Canarians must be respected when they exercise their right to vote and from there, the analyzes will come. Now, the PP is not going to enter a government at any price. If there is a proposal that directly attacks this community, we are not going to support it, wherever it comes from. It doesn't make sense for someone to be in politics to help citizens and then reach agreements with those who think that this community must be ended, that rights must be limited, everything prohibited... Today we see a government that instead of protecting, prohibits. And a fundamental element of that government -Podemos- wants to put an end to everything that exists. There are issues that I do not share and we will have to talk about programs rather than people.

-This week while you were talking about the wave of the PP, the PSOE has highlighted the solidity of Torres. Is the ignorance you have among the population a handicap for you?

- When you want to meet an objective, you have to be clear about the pros and cons. I am aware of my weaknesses and one of them is the low level of knowledge in certain places on the islands because I have been focused on Los Realejos and Tenerife. But when things look bad, citizens always look for the reference of the PP, and I am convinced that they will start to do so. And that is where they have to find me, that is, not only do they have to know me, but it has to seem to them that what we propose is the right thing to do.

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