"Winter Is Not Coming" achieves more than 5 million views in 10 days - The Province

"Winter Is Not Coming" achieves more than 5 million views in 10 days - The Province

Framed in lto promotional action "Winter Is Not Coming",thebrand Canary Islandshas gotten inthe first ten days of its launch more than 5 million viewsof the video on which the campaign revolves. The objective is to gain notoriety in a context where in Europe it is cold while the Archipelago winter never arrives. For this purpose, references from the popular series 'Game of Thrones' have been usedthat evoke "a winter that never comes" to the Islands.

Spain is the country with the highest number of views, with 1.2 million, and secondly theUK, with almost one million (905,448). They are followedGermany(664,784),France(594,716),Italy(548,232),Holland(342,230),Ireland(250,479) andBelgium(203.851).

The start-up of the promotion started with the installation of a giant canvas on the Gran Vía in Madrid on February 2 and the broadcasting of the video on digital platforms from that same weekend. In addition, people who passed by the canvas also received impacts from the Canary Islands destination thanks to geolocation.

The objective of this campaign isgenerate conversation around the climate, the main attribute of the Canary Islands brand, and reach the key markets of the Archipelago. The video has been shared on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, in addition to advertising in digital media using innovative formats to achieve a high impact on audiences.

This action is co-financed by 85% by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


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