June 24, 2021

Winter follows the wake of the full moon – The Province

Winter follows the wake of the full moon - The Province

Winter. A blanket, coat and umbrella station. The one of the good wishes of the white Christmas and the celebrations of the Carnival. It starts tonight, with rather warm temperatures and with more desire to go to the beach than to have a good broth on Christmas Eve. Caprichos of the terrestrial orbit, since at the end of the day it is the astronomy that designates when the autumn finishes.

Thus, exactly at 22.22 pm tonight will occur what is known as the winter solstice, an event that refers to the time when the duration of the day is the minimum of the entire year in the Northern Hemisphere. From that time on, the day shift will be extended little by little until the shortest night of the year is reached, on the summer solstice and that next 2019 will be on June 21.

The South Pole of the Earth will be inclined towards the Sun, which will have reached its southernmost position in the sky and will be directly above the Tropic of Capricorn at 23.44 degrees south latitude. That will be the exact position of the planet at the moment when winter officially starts. At least from the stellar point of view because in regard to the weather there will still be a few days to wait.

At least with clear skies tomorrow will be a good opportunity to receive the winter with the moon at its best. The satellite will reach its full phase at approximately six in the afternoon and although a priori you can give a beautiful picture in the sky, the truth is that its fullness of brightness could prevent you from observing the last shower of stars of the year, the Ursids, that will take place until December 25 with up to ten meteors per hour.

Throughout the season, there will be few relevant astronomical events, since although there will be two eclipses (one partial sun on January 6 and another total moon on January 21), none of them will be visible from the Canary Islands. Of course, in just a few days the planet will be placed as close to the sun in every year: on January 3, the Earth will "barely" reach 147,099,877 kilometers from the star.


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